Advice For Travelling With a Dog

Advice For Travelling With a Dog

Travelling with your dog can be a fun and fulfilling experience. There is a large selection of hotels around the world that allow pets and many offer seasonal discounts. These are some useful tips for travelling with a dog domestically or internationally:

1. Find a hotel that allows dogs and do book early.

There are quite a few resources online with information on specific hotels with regards to dog stays. Be on the lookout for restrictions that may exist and also hidden fees hotels try to add on. Make sure to do your research when purchasing a dog carrier. Price may vary for different models but it will come in handy when getting to and from the hotel.

2. Make sure he has had all his vaccinations

Make sure your dog is vaccinated at least 30 days before you travel, this will save a lot of time and hassle. A bordatella vaccine will be prevent kennel cough if you plan on boarding your dog for any length of time. Distemper is a big problem and should be vaccinated for just in case. Double check with your vet to ensure your dog has ll his vaccinations up to date. Research travel requirements for the various territories you plan to visit, that could be a real life saver when travelling with your dog.

3. Have identification available at all times.

Your name, address, phone number etc. should all be listed on your dogs’ items such as collar, name tags et. In the event your dog gets lost. Getting a microchip planted on your dog would give some peace of mind as well. Always carry a replacement collar in the event that one is lost, this will allow for quick replacement. You need to make sure your dog has identification at all times since a new environment may cause him to be uncomfortable and he may try to escape. Identification should always be worn on the dog.

4. High temperatures require the right supplies.

Dogs can overheat fairly quickly and do get dehydrated, it is therefore important to never leave a dog alone in a car. If you need to leave your car make sure there is another person to look out for your dog, also, leaving the AC on will help. Dog panting is normal as dogs do not have sweat glands. Make sure to have plenty water available to keep your dog from getting thirsty. Check for a dog carrier. Price may vary but it may come in handy when travelling by car.

5. Pack all medical records.

Health problems may occur abroad and you should have your dog’s medical records available in the event that you need to go to the vet clinic. When you’re leaving the country it will be important to show your dog is healthy and does not have any diseases.

These easy steps should make your dog travels a breeze.