All About Havanese Litter Box Training

All About Havanese Litter Box Training

One of the great things about Havanese is that they are small, which make them perfect for cramped, modern lifestyles. However, their small size also means they have a small bladder. They physically cannot “hold it” like a bigger dog or a human can. A small dog like the Havanese needs relief about every four hours. Sadly, you can’t always get home for your lunch break in order to let your dog out. This is where the idea of Havanese litter box training sounds interesting.

Tackling Havanese litter box training is just like every other aspect in Havanese training – you need patience, persistence and even more patience. Think about how long it took for your dog to learn to be housebroken – and now you have to take that concept and bend it. Your Havanese has learned that any elimination indoors is bad. Now, you have to retrain him or her that eliminating in one particular spot indoors (and that spot only) is good.

Havanese litter box training is much easier to do when the Havanese is a puppy than when they are an adult. But if you have an adult who has been taught to go outside whenever nature calls, you must train your Havanese as if he or she were a little puppy. The principle is still the same for both puppies and adult dogs. Get some newspaper and blot up some of your Havanese’s pee or poo on it. Put it in the litter box. Whenever you see your Havanese ask to go out, pick them up and put them in the litter box. Having the smell of excrement or urine already in there in the litter pan lets them know that this is where to go.

You can use a cat litter pan or a pan that’s marketed as a small dog litter pan – which is basically the same thing. You can use cat litter of indoor dog litter. National manufacturers like Purina are now marketing this indoor dog litter for small dogs.

Each dog will learn Havanese litter box training in his or her own individual time. Some will catch on a lot faster than others, just like with other aspects of Havanese training. You can use dog training books specifically for small dogs to help you, but they need to be written in the last two or three years. The idea that ANY dog could be trained to use a litter box is a relatively new concept and is still a subject of debate among small dog owners.

But Havanese training is easier than with some breeds like the entire stubborn terrier breed, as Havanese are clever and love to please. Havanese’ are a very adaptable, easy-going breed that usually does not get too stressed with changes in their lives. Perhaps that is why the breed has been able to thrive again after being nearly wiped out by the Cuban Revolution. Viva la Havanese litter box training!