Anole Lizards: How To Get And Transport Your New Pet Household

Anole Lizards: How To Get And Transport Your New Pet Household

Anole Lizards As Animals

Anole lizards, occasionally identified as American chameleons or simply anoles, are a wonderful choice as a pet. They don’t require a great deal of place and are effortless to care for. Anoles are an specially great selection for people who could have pet allergy symptoms or are not able to work out their animals.

Native to the southeastern United States, these little reptiles are intriguing to check out. They will practically transform hues ahead of your eyes and have unique minor personalities. Generally shy creatures, most will appear to know the voice of their operator and will fortunately relaxation on your fingers and hands.

How To Buy An Anole

You can come across these energetic reptiles for sale at most substantial pet centers. Ordinarily they expense fewer than 10 pounds.

You can buy just one or additional than a person, as extensive as you have an ample size terrarium. We propose at minimum a 20 gallon terrarium, preferably larger sized. They are a solitary species, carving out their have territory in the wild, so will not feel you need to buy more than a single to hold each individual other organization.

Look for a energetic, energetic lizard that seems a wholesome weight and temperament. Males are a little bigger than females and may have much more skin below their throat, usually regarded as a dewlap.

The key warning is not to house two males jointly. They will be enemies and combat, with 1 inevitably remaining fearful and sulking. Women housed collectively will not pose a problem.

Bringing Your Pet Dwelling

The vacation residence will be 1 of the most demanding situations of an anole’s everyday living. Be absolutely sure not to tack on other errands. Convey your pet immediately dwelling and have their terrarium all prepared and completely ready to go.

If you purchase your pet in the wintertime, make sure your car is sufficiently warmed up. The pet retail store will likely set the lizard into a big plastic air bag, secured at the major. Bring them instantly house and carefully deposit them into their new terrarium.

Do not be alarmed if they scamper about frantically for the initial several minutes. This is stressful for them, but before long more than enough they will quiet down and start off to take a look at a lot more leisurely. We suggest gently misting within the terrarium just prior to they enter, in circumstance they are thirsty. They will lap up drops of drinking water from the twigs, branches, and rocks you have employed to embellish their house.

Feed your pet soon after a handful of several hours. By this time they will be considerably acclimated to their environment. Really don’t be concerned if they don’t eat appropriate absent. It may consider a day or two to come to be tailored and relaxed.


Anole lizards make terrific animals, so get them off to a superior start off. Opt for a healthy specimen that seems sturdy and lively. Provide them right house from the pet retail outlet and have their terrarium prepared to go in advance. Finally, give them time to adapt to their new surroundings and get fully comfortable with their new dwelling.