Barbados Apartment Hotels – Best For Privacy and Group Travelers

Barbados Apartment Hotels – Best For Privacy and Group Travelers

Looking for the ideal accommodation should be among the first things to tick off in every travel checklist. This proves true when you are given the chance to visit exotic locations like the beautiful island nation of Barbados. If you’re a bit meticulous or visiting with your family or as a group, carefully planning the accommodations will make your travel experience more memorable and problem-free.

The Internet offers every traveler the chance to find several appealing hotels online. Many travel guide websites offer information on the best locations for every budget, occasion, or mood. Barbados is among the most sought-after travel destinations, so it’s worth knowing how to use such travel guides to determine when is the best time to visit, and where to find the best accommodations.

Travelers who wish to get more accommodation options, say, for a more intimate and private location in Barbados may opt for inviting apartment hotels.

A Barbados apartment hotel is perfect for group or family travelers, since most offer two-room apartments that can accommodate up to four people. Group travelers can save a lot on accommodation costs since rates are relatively cheaper. They also allow travelers to have full control over meals and personal convenience with their home-style setup, amenities, and appliances.

Compared to hotels, these properties are usually smaller but nevertheless offer outstanding high quality services and amenities. A typical unit consists of a lounge and dining area, with separate bedroom (or two bedrooms). Each unit is also equipped with appliances like refrigerator, coffee maker, stove, and microwave oven, giving a more “home away from home” feel compared to the typical hotels.

Aside from this, visitors also have access to amenities like pool areas, spas and salons, in-house restaurants, and entertainment areas. To keep visitors at ease on the safety of their stay, apartment hotels also have round-the-clock security, intruder detectors, and video surveillance.

A perfect example of a nice Barbados apartment hotel is St. James Apartment Hotel, a well-known luxury establishment situated on the island’s west coast. Formerly known as “Beachcomber Suites,” it has gone through an extensive renovation and transformation into a lavish yet intimate Barbados accommodation.

Visitors will definitely feast their eyes on the elegance of St. James, both inside and out. The façade is characterized by stylish balconies and double French windows, and a sophisticated brown-beige color scheme. The unit interiors feature a classy combination of wood and wicker furniture and Italian-made kitchen facilities.

St. James is situated alongside world-class establishments like posh spas, restaurants, tennis courts, and golf courses, making it an ideal choice for people who want a classy Barbados lifestyle experience. For the more adventurous and nature-lovers, St. James also has an added unique attraction-visitors can swim with friendly turtles that frequent the azure waters fronting the property.

If you are in the process of planning for a trip in Barbados, remember to choose accommodations that will fit your budget and best suit you and your group or family’s needs.