Can You Lose Weight By Dreaming of Athletic Activity – I Did

Can You Lose Weight By Dreaming of Athletic Activity – I Did

We are told that meditation is good for your mind, and that we need sleep to form memories and to relax, regroup, and allow our bodies to take a break. Okay, but what if I told you that you can lose weight in your sleep too. I am sure you’ve already considered this thought, but let’s go to a higher place and take this conversation to a higher level shall we?

There is a great paper to read that might be apropos to this topic and intellectual inquiry titled; “VR Solutions for Improving Physical Therapy,” by Carlo Camporesi, Marcelo Kallmann, and Jay J. Han published in 2013. The abstract is straight forward and simple;

“We present new solutions based on Virtual Reality technologies for improving the delivery of physical therapy and rehabilitation. Three main aspects are addressed: 1) the ability to allow therapists to create new exercises and therapy programs intuitively by direct demonstration, 2) automatic therapy delivery and monitoring with the use of an autonomous virtual tutor that can monitor and quantitatively assess the motions performed by the patient, and 3) networked collaborative remote therapy sessions via connected applications dis- playing the motions of both the therapist and the patient.”

Okay so, VR physical therapy is basically tricking your mind into healing itself, convincing your muscles that you are doing what you intend and that your mind is connected to the rest of your body correctly and that everything is fine, you can even see it, thus, your body makes those connections stronger, you retrain your biosystem to work together again, and viola, you are whole – at least that is the goal. Well, what about dreaming. Can you trick your mind into believing you are doing something?

Sure, ever have dreams of flying, we all do from time to time, how about dreams of running? Well, we are not the only species that can do that one, watch your pets paws move while they are sleeping sometime, they are most likely dreaming about something they do all the time, run. Guess what? They are probably burning fat, have elevated metabolisms and are strengthening the connections from their brain to all those muscles, perhaps even forming muscle memory.

You can do the same thing, just go for a run in your mind as you start to fall asleep, as you go from lucid dreaming to sleep think about running in a particular place, maybe around your neighborhood. This will help you burn fat cells. How do I know? Simple, I’ve done it and lost weight in the process. Please consider all this and think on it.