Celebrity Ghost Stories – John Lennon

Celebrity Ghost Stories – John Lennon

The ghost of murdered Beatle John Lennon has been seen on a number of occasions by various people close to him, including former band mate Paul McCartney. Paul claims that when he, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr sang Lennon’s song, “Free As A Bird” in 1995, John’s presence was actually there in the studio.

“There were a lot of strange goings-on in the studio – noises that shouldn’t have been there and equipment doing all manner of weird things,” McCartney said. “There was just an overall feeling that John was around.”

In another paranormal experience, McCartney said that when he and the two other “Beatles” had a photo shoot for the album, a white peacock came wandering over from a nearby farm. At the very last minute, the beautiful bird made its presence known, and McCartney received the strong feeling that it was the spirit of John Lennon hovering around them as they completed the recording.

McCartney said to the other two ex-Beatles: “That’s John. Spooky, eh? It was like John was hanging around. We felt that all through the recording.”

When Paul McCartney listened to the single’s B-side, he believed that John was making his presence known there, too.

McCartney said, “We put one of those spoof backwards recordings on the end of the single for a laugh, to give all those Beatles nuts something to do. I think it was the line of a George Formby song. Then we were listening to the finished single in the studio one night, and it gets to the end, and it goes, ‘zzzwrk nggggwaaahhh jooohn lennnnnon qwwwrk.’ I swear to God.”

Paul said of he, George, and Ringo: “We were like, ‘It’s John. He likes it!”

Though this ghost story comes from someone who never knew Lennon personally, this is quite an eerie one to read.

John Lennon was gunned down by crazed fan Mark Chapman on December 8, 1980 in front of the Dakota, a New York apartment. Joey Harrow, a musician who lives near the Dakota, experienced a ghostly sighting of John in 1983. Harrow claimed he saw John’s ghost at the Dakota front doorway, where he’d been shot three years before. Harrow claimed that the Lennon apparition was surrounded by an “eerie light.”

When Joey Harrow witnessed the sighting, so did the writer, Amanda Moores. She was present at the time Lennon’s ghost was sighted. Amanda said that she wanted to approach the figure of Lennon and talk to him, but was dissuaded from doing so by the rather serious expression on the apparition’s face that seemed to say, “No, don’t come near me.”

Liam Gallagher, of the pop group Oasis, claimed he was once visited by the spirit of John Lennon. He didn’t know Lennon in real life, but held great admiration for the Beatle. When Liam stayed at friend’s house years ago in Manchester, England, he felt the strong presence of his hero.

The singer said, “I was in Manchester at a mate’s house having a sleep. I remember getting up and feeling really weird. I turned round and there I was, lying on the bed, and I sort of fell back into my body. There was a presence there and it was him, Lennon.”

The psychic Shawn Robbins said she saw John’s ghost in the Dakota building, and Yoko Ono herself was reported to have seen John sitting at his white piano. He turned to her and said, “Don’t be afraid. I am still with you.”

According to several Spiritualists, John’s spirit lingered on Earth for a short time before a group of spirit Guides helped him to adjust to the ‘other’ world. A person who won’t ‘let go’ after they are dead becomes a ghost who haunts the area of the tragedy. The Guides convinced him to join them in the spirit world and various mediums began receiving messages from him.

John’s ex-wife, Cynthia, found a dead jackdaw wrapped in old newspapers dated 1956 behind the fireplace of her home in Cumbria. She told journalist Annette Witheridge: “John told Julian that if there was life after death, he would prove it by sending a feather as a sign. When Julian saw the jackdaw, he was really shaken. It’s as if John is trying to get in touch with us.”