Cheap Flights That Are Pet-Friendly

Cheap Flights That Are Pet-Friendly

Many pet owners are hesitant to leave their furry friends at home when they travel – and more and more airlines are realizing this and finding ways to accommodate pets in the air. Keep in mind that many airlines will not allow a pet to board the plane at all, while some will allow your pet to ride in the cargo hold area of the plane only, and others will allow small pets that do not exceed a certain weight limit to ride in the cabin area of the plane, beneath your seat. So while many airlines still forbid pets, there are a handful of good deals out there when it comes to find cheap flights that allow pets on board.

Pet-friendly airlines have differing requirements when it comes to traveling with your furry friend, but most of them will require that you have in your possession a certificate from your pet’s veterinarian that certifies his or her health and that the pet does not have any communicable diseases that might put the airline at risk for liability from other passengers. Thus, you might need to take your pet in for an exam to verify the pet’s health prior to flying and to make sure that the pet’s immunizations are up to date.

If your pet is small enough to meet the weight requirements of the airline that you choose to fly with, you can bring your pet along and stow him or her away beneath your seat in the airline’s cabin. Each airline that allows pets to travel in the cabin will have specific requirements that govern how much your pet and its carrier can be. Some airlines will ask that the weight of the pet and its carrier not exceed twenty pounds, while other airlines may say that the pet and carrier together can weigh no more than ten pounds. Check with your particular airline. You will also want to make sure that your pet carrier is an airline approved carrier, such as those made by Pet Taxi. Your airline can give you more specific information about which carriers are approved for traveling by air with your pet and which are not. This also applies to pets that ride in the cargo hold. Pets must be inside a pet carrier before the airline will permit them to board the plane. The airline may also restrict pets in the cabin to remaining inside the pet carrier for the entire flight. Each airline that allows pets has their own guidelines that you must follow when traveling with your pet.

Although it will cost you a bit extra to have your pet tag along for the trip, there are still some ways to find cheap flights when traveling with man’s best friend. For starters, always book in advance. This can allow you to take advantage of early bird specials that the airlines have in place – and with many airlines, this may be the only way that you can travel with your pet in the first place. Most airlines require at least a week’s notice that you’re bringing a pet along. Others may ask that a particular number of pets be allowed on any one flight – and booking your flight early allows you to reserve a spot for your pet. For example, some flights may allow only two pets among the passengers on board. If you don’t book early, chances are that you may have to find a different flight in order to get a spot on the flight with your pet.

It really pays to comparison shop when it comes to taking your pet along with your when you travel by air. There are some good deals out there on cheap flights that are pet-friendly – you just have to “dig” for them.