Chicken Jerky Dog Treats

Back in 2007, there was an extensive dog food recall and a lot of leading dog food brands were immediately taken away from the market and other store shelves. One of those products that was taken out from the stores were the chicken jerky doggie treats that were made in China. Those chicken jerky snacks were allegedly discovered to be full of some dangerous contaminants. Because of that, there have been a lot of reports of sickness and even death of dogs as a result of this kind of canine treat. Does it mean to say that any dog should not be allowed to eat chicken jerky dog treats ever again? Not really. Although it is probably best to avoid jerky dog snacks that are store bought, there is no valid reason as to why people cannot make it themselves at home.

For people who are thinking that maybe making homemade jerky for their dogs is incredibly complicated, they had better think again. It is actually quite simple really. Even if there are some people who prefer using a meat dehydrator in order to make a jerky, the fact is one could also make use of the oven. The first step in making homemade jerky is to cut the raw chicken into incredibly thin strips. Then, it should be placed in a 180 degree oven either overnight or maybe for a minimum of around 5 to 6 hours. Wait until the chicken strips have dried out and have resembled a jerky. The chicken strips should be thoroughly cooled prior to serving it to the pup. These doggie treats could be stored the refrigerator or even in a plastic bag that sits at room temperature.

Another good alternative is to buy jerky snacks at a neighboring dog treat bakery. It should be a bakery that people trust, one that uses natural ingredients and one where sanitary conditions are strictly being observed. One trusted dog treat bakery is the Three Dog Bakery. Aside from their existing stores, they also boast of an online store where one could shop for their doggie treats and have these lovely snacks delivered to one’s house. Apart from the jerky treats, there are also numerous homemade treats that any canine would enjoy. Whether people actually makes their own treats or purchases them from trusted local bakeries, one thing that should be followed is that these snacks should be prepared only with natural ingredients.

Even if chicken jerky dog treats as well as the other homemade doggie snacks do not have a shelf life as long as those store bought brands, they are really worth the effort. The only reason as to why these store bought brands last a very long time is due to their artificial preservatives, which people would actually not want anywhere near their adorable pets. For those people who take pleasure in making their own jerky treats, they might want to buy a dog treat cookbook that is full of wholesome recipes. One such book that could teach people how to prepare healthy and tasty snacks for their dogs is Cheryl Gianfrancesco’s Doggie Desserts: Homemade Treats for Healthy, Happy Dogs.

Scrumptious chicken jerky dog treats are good snacks or even rewards for hardworking and lovable dogs. This is also ideal for inactive dogs because these treats would give them an immediate energy boost on any given day.