Do Dogs Cry When They Have Diarrhea?

Do Dogs Cry When They Have Diarrhea?

Dog is a sensitive animal, they cry when they are depressed and there is a bit difference between cry and bark. There are a number of reasons why they cry, the reasons are almost the same as the reasons why they bark. When talking about diarrhea, one have definitely heard and seen stories about dogs doing nasty things in public. No matter how much a dog is toilet trained, if it catches diarrhea then there is no way of avoiding public shame.

A dog could be crying because of one or several reasons like anxiety, hunger, emotional and physical pain. A dog’s emotional pain is a result of its anxiety. When a dog is injured, it will also let out a cry. Just like humans will cry when they have nothing to eat, dogs would cry too. We all know that a dog is man’s best friend and it is amazing to see how a dog shares in its master’s grief. Dogs get so much attached to their masters that they become a part of the family and when a member of a family is in pain or dies, the dog gets affected too. A dog feels its master’s feelings as they are several times more sensitive than a human. As dogs are very sensitive creatures, a change in the tone of voice or master’s face sends a strong message to it. They get anxious just like humans and they cry when they get separated from their dear ones.

As always there are several reasons why a dog catches diarrhea just like there are several reasons why humans catch diarrhea. The reasons can be irritated intestines, change in diet, stress and excitement. A dog’s intestine may have been irritated, it will vomit and if it’s somewhere down its digestive tract then it will resorts to diarrhea. A dog also gets diarrhea from too much excitement or stress. Its stress is usually accompanied by diarrhea, barking, whining, howling and foaming at the mouth. Maybe a change in a dog’s diet can also cause diarrhea. Bred dogs are especially very sensitive and a change in its daily diet leads to diarrhea. One has to be careful when feeding a dog.

If one wants to stop a dog from crying then punishing is never an option because this can backfire in many cases. There are many sensitive ways of soothing one’s dog like using positive reinforcement, leave a stand-in, give a dog its own place and praise it. If a dog is comforted in times of grief, it will not cry. A dog will not miss its master so much if it smells the presence around.

A diarrhea is not very serious and it can be relieved by keeping a track of what its being fed, feeding it with the right kind of food for its age, making water a part of a dog’s daily diet, feeding it with pumpkin and making chicken soup for it. The bond between master and dog is very deep and it needs care.