Dog Training – How to Perfectly Potty Train Your New Puppy

Dog Training – How to Perfectly Potty Train Your New Puppy

Most pet owners would probably agree that the potty training period in their relationship with their pets is the time when they most anticipated sending them right back where they came from. It can be a very frustrating thing when your new puppy just refuses to use the bathroom outside, and it is easy to feel like there is no end in sight. Luckily, there are some ways to perfectly potty train your new puppy, and although it won’t happen overnight persistence and some good carpet cleaner should get you through the rough spots in your potty training experience.

To help in your endeavors to get your floor back and put the carpet cleaner away for good, here are a few tips on training your puppy to use the bathroom in the right spot, all the time.

Remember: Puppies are Like People Too

First off, it is important to remember that your puppy is like a miniature four-legged person, and a young one at that. The younger your puppy is, the more trouble they are bound to have with this potty training experience and for this reason it is important to practice as much patience as you can. Getting frustrated does not help matters at all, but remembering that your pet has a personality, a will, and a learning curve all their own may help you along the way.

Punish the Deed, Not the Dog

One of the mistakes that many frustrated pet owners make when potty training their pet is to discipline their pet’s accidents by way of physical punishment. Spanking your pet is not going to be the solution to your dog’s bathroom problems and antagonizing them may only make matters worse. Remember that dogs have a tendency to be very willful actions, and while some type of negative reinforcement is in order when accidents do occur, rolling up a newspaper and swatting them with it may not always be the best idea. Also, keep in mind that someday your dog may be as big as you are; what will you do at that point?

Be Sure to Fulfill Your End of the Bargain

You cannot expect your pet to grab a newspaper and a match and head to the bathroom every time Mother Nature calls; potty training is a 50/50 responsibility between a pet who should be picking up on a bit of training, and a puppy parent whose responsibility it is to facilitate and enforce the potty training ideas and principles. No matter how well trained your dog is bound to be, refusing to let them out as often as necessary is a surefire way to get your potty training methods to backfire on you big time.

Be as Consistent as Possible

Being consistent is one of the most necessary aspects of potty training for your puppy. If you want them to learn that outside is where they need to get when the urge strikes them, you must be available to let them out or have some alternative worked out. Never allow them to get away with using the bathroom in an non-designated area; while spanking them may not always be the best idea it is important for them to know that they must always use the bathroom in the designated spot and that the floor in your home and other unauthorized areas is never okay.

Consider Crate Training

Crate training is one of the most commonly used tools between pet owners when it comes to potty training new puppies. Dogs are a bit cleaner than you think, and chances are that if they only area they have to defecate in is their living space, they will do their best to hold it. Looking into a crate is a great way to enhance your potty training methods, not to mention the fact that your furniture and houseplants will survive much longer as well.

Potty training your new puppy does not have to be the nightmare that so many people make it out to be. Make sure that you are aware of what you are doing, and seek help from your veterinarian if you think there may be other problems involved. Also, it might be helpful to get to know your dog a little better so you can anticipate the best way for them to learn. Potty training can come easy, and with a little help and a lot of patience you will have your home back in no time!