Get 6 Pack Abs by Removing 6 Bad Eating Habits

Get 6 Pack Abs by Removing 6 Bad Eating Habits

Willpower is one of the KEY components of really anything in life, but specifically when it comes to exercise, diet, nutrition, and more. I am willing to be you have more willpower to get out of debt then to eat healthy and exercise. Sure, getting out of debt is a HUGE deal, but so is increasing your life expectancy.

Guys and Girls alike often fall into particular bad eating habits, that when compounded every single day, week, month, and year keeps the pounds on and your abs from ever showing. Doesn’t it drive you CRAZY to pass the magazine section in a supermarket or store and see men and women showing off their lean and ripped physiques? I know it does for me. But like everything in life, you have to begin to take baby steps to see progress. Start off small…and as you progress you begin to make better choices and before you know it…you have gotten the results you want.

Below are a series of bad eating habits we, as people, tend to do and need to move AWAY from as quickly as possible. I am sure if you are reading this article, they apply to you:

6 Bad Eating Habits to Break for 6 Pack abs

1. Speed Eating

In short, the quicker you eat, the less time your body and mind have to determine “how” much you have eaten. So when you have moved on from Course #1 and onto Course #2, assuming your eating very fast your body/brain haven’t caught up to say “whoa, wait a minute…lets relax here”. Before you know it…you have eaten 2000 calories and not you feel “stuffed”. We have all been there. Eat more slowly, savor your food. If you can’t savor it, eat smaller portions.

2. Drinking Alcohol

No, I am not saying cut out alcohol altogether (though I personally think that would be a fantastic move), but how many times do you plan on “having a beer” or “a glass of wine”, and before you know it 3-4 beers are gone, or half the bottle of Chardonnay is missing. Guess what…you have downed a TON of calories. Write down every time you have a drink. So what, you have 2 drinks per night, big deal right? Well, multiple that times everyday in the week and it might be 2000+ calories in your system. You have to burn 3500 calories to remove 1 lb of weight.

3. Skipping meals or Snacks

It’s natural to think by not eating, you will lose weight but that is a horrible myth people follow. When you skip meals, your body starts to try and manage your appetite. It also causes your “hunger” to kick in, which as we all know causes your willpower to waver. Also, you have to eat to lose weight. Yes, I said it, but you have to eat smart. The right blend of carbs, fats, and protein. Spread smaller snacks/meals throughout the day, every 2-3 hours. Keep the portions small, but it will curb your hunger and fuel your body in the process.

4. Eating Salty snacks

First, if you are eating something that you KNOW is salty, it’s probably not healthy at all. Sodium is one of those things that bite you in the you know what, because it builds up very slowly. You eat this or that throughout the day not thinking of the sodium content, and before you know it you have exceeded well beyond the recommended allowance. Add on things like popcorn at the movie theatre, or that quick bag of chips heading out the door, and your waist line will only bloat. Salt also forces your body to retain water, so if you want to be showing your 6 pack abs, eating a bunch of salt will kill that idea.

5. Pigging out on Weekends

People often use their weekends as “down time”, and that is understandable since a hectic work week mentally and physically drains you. The downside is people get “too” relaxed and let themselves snack and pig out. This is very true for when yo go to a neighbors barbecue, or a birthday party, or just hanging out. How many times do you go to a party and “graze”. You hover around the food area just picking at food, but over time all those calories are adding up and before you know it…BOOM your full. Eat something healthy before going to a party, and it will help keep that bad food at bay.

6. Eating in front of the TV – Sleeping

Everyone is guilty of this. You are trying to relax after a hard day at the office, your favorite show is on or you just slapped in your favorite blue ray disc, and you have that bag of chips on your lap. Before you know it, half the bag is gone, the 2 beers you drank are empty, and you are drifting off to sleep. Your body needs at least 2 hours of being awake after eating your last meal. Your body naturally burns calories, even when you are sitting there. By being awake, your body is burning calories to maintain your organs, walking, breathing, etc… So eat your last meal around 7-8pm at night, and by 10pm you can begin to go to bed. If you fall asleep after eating, all the calories you just consumed won’t be burned as quickly.

Do your best to remove those 6 bad eating habits, and I can 100% promise you the 6 pack abs will come with a healthy diet and exercise plan included.