Housesitting – A Growing Trend In Mexico

Housesitting – A Growing Trend In Mexico

“In Mexico, – a million Americans own homes south of the border and the golf community boom is just beginning.” – The New York Times, January 25, 2008

House sitting is the practice where a homeowner that is leaving his house for any period of time entrusts it to a house sitter. There is a mutual agreement were the house sitter is entitled to live rent-free in exchange for assuming responsibilities such as taking care of the homeowners pets, performing general maintenance (pools, gardens, air conditioning, etc.), keeping trespassers off the property, forwarding mail, and in general making sure that everything runs smoothly just as if the owner were at home.

The presence of the house sitter prevents burglary. Many insurance companies invalidate the coverage if you leave your house empty for 30 days (some companies up to 60 days).

The agreement is open to negotiation as to whether a security deposit is required, who is to pay the utilities and what is the responsibility of the house sitter during the period of sitting. It is the decision of the homeowner as to which house sitter to choose, and it is his/her responsibility to qualify or interview any housesitter. The most important qualification of the house sitter is his/her trustworthiness and reliability in the eyes of the homeowner; each candidate must provide good references.

The benefits to the homeowner are numerous such as avoiding fees for kennels, gardeners, pool service, etc.

There are many advantages of having a sitter rather that leaving your house empty. Whether you are planning a two week vacation, a trip for three months or a whole year sabbatical, there is always the question in the back of your mind: Who is taking care of my home?

When you leave your property empty for any amount of time the risk of someone breaking in and robbing your cherished things increases. You might think that it is easier to close your house up and leave rather than go through the process of placing a house sitter, but the sad reality is that the signs of your home being empty such as newspapers and mail piling up make your home a burglary target.

You can rest assured that if there is a need to repair or maintain something (a broken window, pool maintenance, keep garden and plants alive, etc.) there will be somebody taking care of it right on the spot. You arrive from your vacations to a clean, cozy home, just like when you left it.

The sitter will be answering your phone (if you wish), taking care of your mail and messages. You can keep in contact with the sitter so you can be informed of any issues concerning your house and pet. Save your money! No need to pay expensive fees for kennels and suffer the encounter of a skinny sad looking Fido when you return. You can rest assured that a pet lover is taking care of your beloved companion just as if you were there. The sitter will provide companionship and love, as well as keeping your pet(s) well fed, exercised and safe.

The relationship between homeowner and house sitter is special, it is not one based on money but rather on trust. A win-win situation, it is the perfect transaction, where both parties win. You have peace of mind knowing that somebody is taking care of your most valuable things and the sitter gets to live rent free in exchange of his/her services.

Come back to a clean, cozy home, just like you left it!!

House sitters reap a great benefit also, the opportunity to live rent-free while enjoying the privacy and comfort of your very own place. It is the opportunity to discover a new culture while saving money for education, retirement or just a cheap vacation. Retirees, academics on sabbaticals, writers or just people looking for adventure ad making new friends comprise most of the qualified house sitters in the market.

To find an appropriate house sitting assignment you must advertise.

To be chosen depends on several things. It is important to create and attractive ad in order to increase your chances. The way that you present yourself, present your qualifications, will give you power as a good house sitter and is the key for getting chosen by the homeowners. Keep in mind, while creating your ad that you are selling yourself to the homeowner. You have to answer the question: Why would a homeowner decide that I am the best choice to take care of his home and beloved pets?

The homeowners are entrusting their most valuable things to you. They will choose people who meet their needs. Here are some tips as what you might include in your ad:

  • Describe yourself in a way that goes with your personality
  • Duration: it is important that you specify your availability. There are short and long term assignments. The more flexible you are the greater the opportunities that will be presented to you.
  • Pet Lover: make sure to specify if you are good with dogs and cats.
  • Green thumb: homeowners rather choose somebody that love plants and can take care of the garden.
  • Marital Status: specify if you are single, couple or family.

Be creative and patient and your dreams will come true.

There are more American and Canadian retirees living in Mexico than any other foreign country. The opportunity for house sitting is growing everyday. Why not give it a try? Don’t be just a tourist, live in the culture!