How The Seven Deadly Sins Motivate To Lose Weight

How The Seven Deadly Sins Motivate To Lose Weight

Pride: It’s hard to create new habits. Getting healthier, losing weight, and working out isn’t always about will power. Don’t go it alone. Tell your family and friends or develop a new group of buddies to hold each other accountable, to motivate to lose weight, and keep you on the path to better health. Besides, it’s just more fun to do it with other people. You will need positive re-enforcement to overcome the challenges when developing new habits, since they take about 21 days to develop and 6 months to become a lifestyle change.

Envy: It’s often very inspirational to look at those who are successful at losing weight or getting into shape to motivate you to do the same. Envy promotes powerlessness, however, envy turned to inspiration can empower you to do the same!

Gluttony: When it is too much of a good thing? Let’s review portion control as this probably damages most weight loss challenges even when you are eating things that are good for you! Your body can only process about 30-40 grams of protein in 2 ½ hours! That’s about 3-4 oz. of meat! If you eat an 8 oz. piece of chicken or steak in one sitting, approximately half of it will get stored as fat. The same is true for carbohydrates. Your body can process about 75 grams of carbohydrates or 300 calories in 90 minutes. More than that, gets stored in your fat cells. So eat less, but eat more often!

Anger: Turn anger into action. Let it propel you forward into positive change. Focused anger is a powerful propellant to motivate to lose weight and get healthy. Use it for something positive and you will be a determined force that can’t be stopped!

Sloth: It’s so easy to push aside exercise for other priorities. There are a thousand excuses why you have no time. Twenty minutes a day of any form of exercise will pay off. You can walk the dog, hike, hula hoop, jump rope among other things. Doing small things is a great way to motivate to lose weight! It doesn’t have to cost money or be a big ordeal. When you start feeling better, you do more, and as you do more you feel better. Start with something simple and convenient and work your way up to something more challenging as you feel better!

Greed: Do you want it and do you want it bad enough? What is the “why” that you will use to motivate to lose weight? Be greedy about wanting to achieve your goal! What is the why that burns inside and makes you want it, not a little but a lot! Use greed to get healthy, to get that weight off, and find your youthful vigor!

Lust: Use lust to motivate to lose weight or to have dynamic health. Get your sexy on! You can become like the person that turns you on, both mentally and physically!