How to Be ‘Green’ in 2020

It’s a new year, a new decade, and a great opportunity to embrace a ‘Green Lifestyle’. But how do we start? A small shift in how to get rid of things is a simple way to embrace ‘Green Living. Minimizing your waste is a huge, ‘green’ step. Instead of relying on the land fill…




Also stated as ‘Avoid the Land Fill’.

Unfortunately, we’ve become a throw-away society where we use something once and toss it. Nothing good comes of that. We must be greener.

Start thinking like your Grandparents or Great Grandparents who lived during the Depression and through the rationing of World War II. Everything was scarce. Everything was appreciated and never wasted.

Below are some easy, simple ways to minimize the amount of stuff you throw away.

Always have your own reusable bags handy. Not just the grocery store but the hardware store, the drug store, and anywhere else you purchase things. These reusable bags fold up into practically nothing so you should ALWAYS have some available in the car.

Opt for emailed or texted receipts, not printed ones.

Choose products or purchase options with the most environmentally friendly packaging possible. Nothing like getting something in that horrible hard plastic surrounded by bubble wrap in a much larger cardboard shipping box than necessary. Especially if you could get the same item at the local hardware store and carry it home in your pocket (or reusable bag you have with you always… ). You get the idea.

There are many options to sell things online so make it a habit.

Rather than tossing used furniture into the landfill, donate or consign it. Check out YouTube University and figure out how to change stuff into something new. I saw an adorable way a dated chest of drawers became a pet bed!

Compost your kitchen debris. It’s easy (doesn’t smell) and creates fabulous fertilizer. Composting can be done directly in a hole in the ground or in a five-gallon bucket on the apartment balcony. All you need is to add some real soil and turn it often. (Once it ‘smells’ like dirt, the composting is complete and can be used to top dress existing plants.) You will be amazed with a compost pile for two reasons – 1). The drastic reduction in garbage heading to the landfill and 2). How much the volume decreases as it goes through the composting process.

Rather than throw away shipping baskets or containers, use them other ways – a peach basket works great to organize the bathroom, kids’ toys, magazines, etc.

Speaking of magazines and other printed materials, subscribe to them online.

Shop at Consignment and Thrift stores when possible. One man’s trash can certainly be your treasure.

For Green Living, challenge yourself to put as little as possible into the landfill!