How To Behave Responsibly In ‘Pets Allowed’ Accommodation

How To Behave Responsibly In ‘Pets Allowed’ Accommodation

When staying in a holiday accommodation owners advertise as ‘pets allowed’, you should be responsible enough to take care of the place as if it were your own. Understand that the condition in which you leave the house will directly reflect the owner’s willingness to continue permitting pets to be around. Behaving like any responsible pet owner is expected of you while you are in any holiday accommodation. You should take steps to keep the accommodation in the best condition possible for both the owner and future pet visitors.

Always keep the neighbours in mind when you take your pet along for the holidays. They could be permanent residents, and may report your actions back to the owner.

It is considered proper protocol to make the neighbours aware of the presence of your pet in the premise. This will prevent them from being surprised when you cross paths while you’re out taking your dog for a walk or when confrontations between pets suddenly arise.

Being a model pet owner also means that you don’t let your pets disturb the neighbours while they are inside. Just because the accommodations are listed as pets allowed doesn’t mean that the neighbours want to listen to your dog howling all night long. Make sure to keep your dog quiet and keep your cat indoors — especially at night. Make sure to maintain the cleanliness of the communal yard so that the neighbour’s kids don’t step in dog poo while playing outside.

Obey all house rules while you are staying in pets-allowed accommodation. Feed your pets only in designated feeding areas, and if your pet makes a mess, take a minute to clean it up properly. If this means spending time on your knees scrubbing at spots with cleaners, then that is what you must do. Don’t permit your pet to claw the furniture, climb the curtains, or dig up the flower bed, and always leave the house looking as clean as you would like your own at the end of your stay.

Do your best to keep the pet fur inside the house under control when you and your pet are staying in a ‘pets allowed’ accommodation. Consider restricting your pet’s access to the house and use a lint roller to get any fur off upholstery before you leave. Remember to keep your pet clean at all times, making sure to wipe dirt off their feet before letting them enter the property after a walk. Prior to leaving, make sure the house is clean and inspect the place thoroughly to ensure there is no evidence that your pet was even there.