How to Crate Train Your Puggle

How to Crate Train Your Puggle

A lot of people think that it is not a good idea to put a Puggle for crate training. They think that it is not right to put a family member into such training. One thing to keep in mind is that a Puggle is not a child and hence it requires a crate that will help in simulating an atmosphere of ‘den’ which a dog may use in the wild. Dogs like to have their own place where they feel safe and also a snug place for resting.

Uses of a Crate: Building the crate in the appropriate way can help the dog in a big way. Your puggle will enjoy the crate in a big way. The crate will give the dog a place where the dog can have a quiet atmosphere. The Puggle can stay inside the crate with its ‘pack’ and not disturb the guests.

Crates can also be transported and is a necessary requirement while you are with the dog on a public transportation like an air travel or a railway trip. Generally most of the dogs don’t like a sleeping quarters that is soiled and dirty. So you have to train them not to soil the crate and do their business elsewhere. The dogs should be taken outdoors and help train them to eliminate their goods in the appropriate place.

The most important part of crate training is the time consumption. Nothing should be rushed; it should be done slowly and steadily. Have patience so that your puggle will start doing things voluntarily without instructions. The Puggle should not be scared or terrorized by forcing everything on it.

Clicker training: It is a very useful in effectively training the dogs. Stand at some distance from the crate and don’t make any movements. After doing this, make the Puggle to come back to you for a treat. Initially, if the dogs steps forward then treat the dog. Keep doing this as the dog keeps advancing. Later on give some extra treats or ‘jackpot’ to the dog. If the dog bumps into it or touches it using his nose, then click for every step that he takes and reward him. This will help ease the pressure on the dog. The main objective behind such training is to convince the dog that a crate is useful and good thing and that he should not be scared of it.

After the puggle enters the crate, wait for the click and keep extending it each time. Do not rush and allow the dog to get comfortable. There is a certain limit for a dog to stay in a crate. Always keep in mind that a Puggle should be left in a crate for more than nine hours.

Dogs have a habit of messing up their crates or ‘den’. Puggles are not vindictive. Don’t get mad just give the puggle some more time. Using a crate in the right way can bring peace and happiness to both the owner and the dog.