How to Find a Lost Pet With Energy and Intuition

How to Find a Lost Pet With Energy and Intuition

Whether your pet is lost on earth or living across the Rainbow Bridge on the “other side,” there are many ways to find them. Here are 3 techniques to find a pet’s energy on earth.

Doreen Virtue suggests that you engage your Angles to find your pet. Ms. Virtue recommends that you ask your Angel to go to your animal’s Angels and tell your pet to come home! A very direct approach, if your pet answers to Angel directives.

Another way to direct your pet home is with a beam of heart love. Think E.T. “phone home.” State: I ask and it is my intent from the love of my heart to send- insert you pets name here_ a beam of love from my heart that my pet can use to find their way home.

This is a technique that has worked enumerable times. There are often miraculous stories in the news about a pet that was lost, traveled for years across country to come back to their original home. Or tales of animals lost and finding their family in another location many months or years later. Those animals used their inherent instinct to follow a heart beam home! Nothing is stronger than pure love.

A third way to find you pet is a two part intuitive radar technique that allows you to scan for your animal’s energy.

First, you state: I ask and it is my intent to feel the energy of fill in your pet’s name here in my being or heart (whichever resonates with you).

Next, stand still and begin a slow rotation either going to the left or right like the sweep of a radar beam. When you feel that you have encountered a light pressure or have a full or thick sensation within your body stop the rotation.

Then state: Protect me and show or lead me to find pets name here for our highest and best good. So be it, it is done. Now, move slowly forward or look very carefully in that direction until you feel that you are not on course any longer. This can occur in a few steps or glances, or may extend for long periods of time. Each time you feel “disconnected,” restate your directives and start again. The Universe is just refining and readjusting your course.

The last technique works particularly well for a pet or animal that may be incapacitated by its health, or in a place where it is physically incapable of returning to you on its own.

Do not give up easily on these methods. Because you and your pet have a unique energetic bond, think threads of a tapestry interwoven together, when one of the strings is loose you know it. In that same metaphor, when you “intuitively feel” your pet’s energy, and your heart will know which way to go to find them because you instinctively KNOW the feeling of being together.