Jesus’ Triumphal Entry Into Jerusalem

Jesus’ Triumphal Entry Into Jerusalem

Beautiful abstract concepts are almost valueless unless we can nail them down practically in our own daily life.

The story of Jesus entering Jerusalem, riding on a donkey and her foal simultaneously, is truly one of those great biblical conundrums: how this double riding feat is achieved, while also considering: Mark 10-32 “Jesus and his disciples were now on the road going up to Jerusalem”.

As we set out examining this amazing parable esoterically, I’m hoping that it becomes obvious that the author of this scripture is not describing or reporting on a physical, historical or a geographical event.

And as we contemplate each section, let us pause repeatedly and check that our spiritual antenna – hearts, minds, inner eyes and ears — are open to practicality, realism and mature understanding. That, this story is not about multitudes of people celebrating a celeb coming to town. The locations referred to in this scripture are symbolism of the human soul in migratory status into higher levels of consciousness.

As the mind becomes established in Awakening consciousness, it becomes insight-fully obvious that terms such as Absolute, Truth, Eternal Now, are states realized through our own Higher Self. Gradually, with emergence of more refined, purer realms of consciousness, Absolute Pure Silence becomes manifest activity, latent dynamism in our every purified perception or, reflection of our own eternal Truth. The soul experience reminding of our rooted existence in God nature, but which status lies dormant within soul awaiting activation.

To this Glorious activation realization, evolution is in place for the sole purpose of individuating Truth: individual souls gaining direct God-contacting ability, thus entry into Kingdom consciousness. We’re each potentiates of the absolute, wired co-creators in-waiting. In realizing this miracle-performing state of consciousness, evolution works ‘speedier’ with refinement of the respiratory system and purification of the physical nervous system into withstanding bliss, achieved simultaneously through deep inner silence.

When the white flag of ego is unwavering on a daily basis, signalling intention to change, then evolution works unequivocally in transforming and enlightening that seeking soul on its wilderness journey into Universal consciousness.

For such Exalted outcome, the Bible addresses its reader in codified fashion for a reason. That we seek the innate Grand Potential tangibly beyond sermonized words, beyond man-made-rhetoric and doctrines, which literal phraseology only succeeds at anchors the mind in vivid story content, thus bogging it down in myriad impractical belief systems. Instead, and crucially, our individual job in life is to actively uncover, demystify Scripture’s hidden meaning and apply such practically through the living wilderness stages of human life, thereby realizing actual spiritual growth. When realized within, the Bible’s guiding influence is lived intuitively and not as memorized tomes of flowery words and religiosity sentiment — which I found had the effect of owning the mind rather than freeing it. Meditation grows inner freedom, it allows us see and hear from the soul, it provide the Revelation insights required for personal spiritual awakening. And while biblical words are wonderfully descriptive and entertainingly story-like in composition, they’re intention is seriously instructional. In this context, each must do his /her own ‘realization’ work. No one else can do this for us..

With this in mind, let us begin esoteric interpretation of Mark 11: 1-14 combining Matthew 21: 2 and John 20: 4.

“As they approached Jerusalem, near the towns of Bethany and Bethphage, they came to the Mount of Olives” –

“Jerusalem” is symbolic of soul awakening, of entering the fourth Chakra, coming upon heart-centered consciousness. ‘As they approached Jerusalem’ signifying, a period before enlightenment: the processes of soul-awakening commences with awareness of separation from natural soul happiness. This is usually when, for the first time, we begin taking positive action in remedying perpetual suffering in our daily life — of lower-self-ruling over higher self. Now, having progressed in purification – expansion of consciousness — and understanding, we’re preparing for a more deepening awakening of spiritual nature through 4th chakra. When the Inner-Christ finally ‘overthrows’ — by integration — the present Patriarchal dominance for Matriarchal standard. The term Jerusalem refers to Uru-Salem meaning, City of Peace.

Bethany — pre-enlightened or carnal state — signifies: “place within /house of dates, or state of misery, affliction” or, unresolved karmic patterns. The evolutionary cross-over bridge or, biblical wilderness, which the human soul undergoes, evolves through in becoming whole, becoming conscious. When capacity of conscious choice, amidst lower-self or carnal mind temptation, is present. The liberating process from the primitive animistic codification, from the cocoon of the collective subconscious addictive thought patterns.

Bethphage is symbolism for “place within /house of unripe figs”: human love perfecting into Divine or cosmic standard for expression as love-ripened, fully seasoned fig nature. Together, Bethany and Bethphage symbolize evolutionary stages of the human soul into alive Kingdom awareness and its subsequent vibratory expression. Bethphage, we could say, is that consciously awake in the wilderness part of consciousness.

To this divinization, a protocol is in place for enabling spiritual awakening, a medium through which ‘in-season’ fig expression is possible all year round. The protocol consists of initial heart-intended decision, followed by adherence to a purification process of the inner faculties such as the nervous system, five senses, and the harmonization of full brain activity, which faculties facilitate reverberation of the seven chakras’ outpouring into consciousness. This latter activity is preceded by the Kundalini awakening travelling upwards, which, on reaching the brain, activates the pituitary gland then the pineal gland chakras. It’s the mixing of these two glands’ essences that form the Third Eye.

This divinely set-up protocol involves nothing less than the conscious partaking of our personal wilderness, our conscious evolution unto our own indwelling Christ-birthing and beyond: which ‘beyond’ also incorporates activity at Spirit level. Such is the vital necessity of daily meditation thereby birthing Spirit nature unto consciousness.

We’re reminded, Jesus rode into Jerusalem from the east. Biblical ‘east’ is referring to the right-side brain, thereby activating the pituitary gland which then activates pineal gland, thus the triggering of our soul unto higher spiritual dimensions.

At this point can it stated, that, the brain itself, left or right side, does not produce happiness, rather, the pineal gland, holy of hollies. As the awakened kundalini moves upwards from its coiled position at the base chakra, up along the spinal column and into the crown pineal chakra, it then more fully awakens all chakras simultaneously.

This process further activates the deeper regions of right-side brain and its latent esoteric or enigmatical content whereby we come upon Self-revealing wisdom for further soul growth. Kundalini progresses from the pituitary gland into the pineal gland — for release of bliss, rapture. The pineal and pituitary glands both lie together, between the two brain hemispheres, and, on awakening, form the Mystical Marriage thus birthing the 3rd Eye. In practical context, entering from the east represents the activity of meditation and post meditation: living life primarily through pineal gland nature. Total brain functioning is the medium through which Higher Self assimilation becomes perceptible to the nervous system, becoming a permanently seated reality, or experience of ever-expanding consciousness. This is when full brain — as opposed to left brain only and its compulsive identification with carnal mind — comes into play, thus spiritual soul discernment.

Symbolically, ‘Mount of Olives’ is said to be ‘place of the skull’, Golgotha, where crucifixion of the dominant left brain or ego takes place in preparation for final ascent unto Mount of Olives or pineal gland Third Eye experiencing. This, then, is the successful raising of consciousness into the New Covenant of Third Eye, pineal gland, Heart-centered existence. Remember, it’s the initial Kundalini awakening at the base of the spine, leading upwards to crucifixion of dominant left brain, that eventually awakens right brain. This then leading to overall mental synchronicity of maximum brain coherence, including the pineal activity of bliss experiencing.

“Jesus sent two of his disciples ahead with these instructions” —

“Jesus” symbolizing our own divinely-encoded conscious awareness on its inward and upward journey of gaining and living Inner-Christ or, ‘Kingdom of heaven’ consciousness. This symbolically is ‘The Way’. The two apostles signify the conscious and subconscious aspect of mind: the natural separation of spiritual nature existing within the psyche, needing unifying. They, the apostles, represent the practicality attaching to individual participation of soul awakening signified by ‘Jesus sent’, meaning, our own intentional desire to inner spiritual knowledge. The two ‘sent ahead’ apostles are not named, but understanding would suggest James and John. This dynamic reflects the perfect inner mechanisms. John representing nearness of intention to Christ, right brain, and, James, representing the initial mental aspect required, both forming an intentional surge to inner unity, to overall spiritual soul harmonization and Ascension.

“Go to the village there ahead of you” —

Other scriptures say: go to village opposite you. This is the scripture, I feel, makes the inner process more comprehensible. ‘Opposite’ is referring to focusing awareness in the opposite direction, inward rather than outward. The village signifies the faculty of intellect, Peter or ego-personality and its unceasing activity with man-made reality and self-identifying. This sporadic left brain living, becomes acutely obvious the moment we close our eyes in preparation for meditation or quite prayer. The conscious mind is immediately confronted by avalanches or ‘multitudes’ of thoughts: menus of thinking options offering all sorts of lower-nature pleasure via the non-purified senses – the ‘den of thieves’ which Jesus, Jerusalem, eventually clears out of the Temple.

“As soon as you get there, you will find a colt tied up that has never been ridden” —

‘there’ meaning, encountering the inner turmoil of scattered mental activity. ‘Tied up’, meaning, due to our mind caught-up in this mental turmoil, spiritual matters become overshadowed, overlooked, denied spiritual oxygen. Thus, our soul is out of view, out of contact with the Temple, meaning, our Christ sunshine is blocked. ‘Unridden colt’ symbolizing the non-disciplined, wandering intellect awaiting a soul-conscious ‘rider’ giving direction for definite spiritual purposes and their manifest expression into consciousness and material life

Let us digress to include a broader version of this same issue scripture, Matthew 21:2

“Go to the village there ahead of you, and at once you will find a donkey tied up with her colt beside her. Untie them and bring them to me” —

Now we have two donkeys. So, this whole donkey-affair consists of one nature birthing into another, or, ego-personality surrendering to meditation in order to come upon Higher Self. It means, a foal /colt ‘birthing’ by means of inner peace initiated by the mature donkey. Therefore, untying, leading to eventual foal birth, takes place within consciousness. “Donkey” is symbolic of peace, the innocence nature required for soul awakening; out of the stubborn, rigidly-set egoic aspect of left brain dominance which is in dire need of taming and breaking-in, spiritually. ‘Donkey’ also has positive aspects such as resilience – beast of burden – and ability of making progress by acute intuition. The two apostles symbolize aspects of consciousness in need release and expansion. The outer donkey is means to inner foal.

With Bethany and Bethphage becoming integrated at Mount of Olives, ego eventually becomes the spiritual off-spring or colt. Lower-self attains Higher realization through you, the ‘Jesus’ awareness. Thus, umbilical cord speaking, ‘foal /colt’ and ‘donkey’ are one and the same. Metaphorically, this is how Jesus rode both animals simultaneously into Jerusalem. Taken together, ‘foal’ and ‘donkey’ symbolize the simultaneous divinity and humanity of each person – innate Oneness amid the seeming chaos.

Resuming Mark Scripture

“untie it and bring it here” —

‘Untie’ our will, intellect and emotions from bondage, the hypnosis of spiritual ignorance functioning. Similar to the parable of five loaves and two fishes, by entering into meditation, the inner spiritual faculties are made free, untied from the drag-influence of the non-purified senses and their compulsion with outer sensual gratification. Thus ‘bring it /them here’ is referring to bringing our scattered intellect, of left brain activity and its crave-desiring nature ‘here’, to stillness and mental silence.

“and If someone asks you what you are doing, tell him that the Master needs it /them and will send it /them back at once” —

‘Master needs it’ — ‘Master’ in this case, practically, is the Pituitary gland, which is the Master gland. This gland or brain chakra is that faculty which ‘needs it’, meaning, needs the rising Kundalini so that it can merge into the pineal gland thus birthing Third Eye or soul-perceiving ability. This union or consummation is known as the Mystical Marriage – pituitary ‘groom’ merging with pineal ‘bride’, Masculine and Feminine aware in each other, as One. The human soul thus in metamorphosis, transmuting consciously unto Spirit nature. Jacob’s nature, we remember, was changed at the pineal, meaning the unredeemed nature of the soul becomes spiritually awakened, realized Mystical Marriage bliss. Now we have achieved direct contact with Spirit.

For direct experience of bliss-consciousness, the ‘Master Pituitary Gland’ needs pure peace and inner calm to facilitate Kundalini rising into it. The Master has no need of a physical donkey per-ce, simply the peace and innocence associated with donkey. Thus, ‘will send it back at once’ meaning, peace /calm and joy is reciprocal, instantaneously returned within consciousness.

Can I digress further to include: John 20: 4 “the two of them were running, but the other disciple ran faster than Peter and reached the tomb first” —

‘Running’ here symbolizes, entering into meditation, entering into the tomb of emptiness, into the silence of the mind /body, the biblical protocol known as the crucifixion, of experiencing purely or, minus the ego baggage. John, here is symbolic of right brain nature or higher love ‘reaching tomb first’, signifying the Immanence of awakening Divinity. That, through initial right brain ‘John’ nature, integration of intellect, lower ego or ‘Peter’, takes place. This, I suggest, is the symbolism in Mark 16-15: “and entering the tomb they saw a young man (the foal) sitting on the right(brain)”.

“So they went and found a colt out in the street, tied to the door of a house” —

‘Went’, signifying the mental process of going into meditation. This quieting of the mind unto peace. Put differently, rather than remaining on the surface sensory level of life, meditation activates perception in Heightened awareness, which ability lies beyond left brain lower ego. Due to being tied to the door — to conditioned emotional behaviour and market place activity — the chaotic unstable intellect, is unable to pass through the door, through the eye of the needle into the soothing, healing and neutralizing calm of Ocean-bed silence, route of spiritual progress becoming personal reality.

“As they were untying it, some of the bystanders asked them, what are you doing untying that colt? They answered just as Jesus had told them and the men let them go” –

‘men’ meaning mental manifestations. The moment the conscious mind enters into silence, fixed thoughts patterns or ‘men’ inevitably enter, which is normal. As practice advances, matures, resistance to mental silence declines, thus is how ‘men’tal activity become as ‘bystanders’, transient. Rather than impediments to meditation progress, coming and going thoughts are ‘watched’ without dealing with them. Such mental activity is subconscious content surfacing for conscious integration, as opposed to suppressing further for future activation. Prevention of upcoming thoughts into awareness keeps the mind on the surface level – unable to sink into deeper soul silence.

“They brought the colt to Jesus” –

‘they’, the two ‘sent ahead apostles’ in neutralizing mental activity were successful in taking the awareness into ‘colt’ innocence which becomes exposed to its own already Mature Christ or Mount nature within awaiting consummation.

“They threw their cloaks over the animal” —

‘Threw their cloaks’ meaning, surrendering attachment of our lower finite nature unto the peace of the inner foal. In expressing trust in the transformation process, righteous acts begin forming the basis of emerging divine consciousness.

A parallel understanding of the donkey is, before spiritual awakening, a person’s seemingly ‘normal’ behaviour is deemed to be at ‘animal’ level of consciousness. At ‘animal’ level, humankind is said to operate from the three lower levels of waking, dreaming and deep sleep consciousness – spiritual ignorance. Thus, through inner awakening, the soul commences its upward journey from these lower levels of evolution into higher realms, and beyond.

“Many people spread their cloaks on the road, while others cut branches in the fields and spread them on the road” –

‘spreading cloaks on the road’ meaning, having surrendered unto the healing process, our life becomes spiritually orientated. Spreading of cloaks here is humbling of ego, humility unto inner God in prayer demonstrating conviction of Heart. ‘Cut branches in the fields’: The mind (in the field) cuts branches, signifying, in meditation, the deeper mind withdraws association with natural man mind-sets, with lower-self programming. Subconsciously rooted turmoil, anger and fear, causal of inner-outer misery, are cutting away, diminishing as compulsory mental action. ‘Cut branches’ signifying, the mind celebrates, experiences, release from bondage from generational inherited emotional allegiances.

We’re reminded of the woman (soul) who jumped ahead of the market place crowd (thoughts) and in doing so, touched the Cloak of Jesus – His Divinity – which Divinity is present within you. Jesus said: “the power has gone from me”. We touch our own Divinity or Cloak through ‘branch-cutting’ in meditation.

“The people who were in front, and those who followed behind began to shout “Praise God! –

‘people’ symbolizing the multitudes of present and generational incurred thought patterns. All are now in the same boat of unconditional forgiveness through integration. All are now on the same glorious love-tide rising upwardly unto Unity. A release of sanctifying light is taking place in the spiritual Heart, facilitating expurgation of subconsciousness. Our Heart in joyous praising mode celebrating the unity of Life within.

“God bless him who comes in the name of the Lord” –

As the mind transcends, or enters into a higher state of consciousness, the human soul is drawn upwards, comes under the influence of Name or Nature of the Higher Power — Divinity vibrating as our own Being.

“God bless the coming kingdom of King David, our father! Praise God!” —

Having gained transcendental or experiential expanding consciousness, the soul becomes ‘conscience’ aware of moral and immoral — synchronized with all the laws of nature, and beyond. By ‘beyond’ is meant: given that we’re made in God’s image /likeness, then the question arises, what level of purity has our soul gained qualifying us as ‘hands-on’ co-creators and co-maintainers of the cosmos. The question is answered in the following line.

“Jesus entered Jerusalem, went into the Temple, and looked around at everything” —

As ordinary human consciousness develops, divine awareness comes gradually and then sharply into focus. This level of awareness permeates the trichotomy of mind /body /soul, bringing healing to every aspect – Divinity blossoms. The inner mechanisms of brain, 5 senses, 12 Cranial nerves, spine and chakras — all of which have been set up for the sole purpose of our soul evolving into ‘beyond’ through Now — are now experiencing Heightened standard. Thus, ‘Jesus went into the Temple and looked around at everything’, signifying instantaneous Light or Higher consciousness expansion into every atom /cell of our body, into every corner and crevice of human awareness for growth in Higher Potential development.

“But since it was already late in the day, he went out to Bethany with the twelve disciples” –

‘late in the day’, since the mind was advanced in combined meditation and ‘in the wilderness’ stages, healing spreads to the inner suffering Bethany – the asleep nature of the 12 apostles. ‘Jesus went with the apostles to Bethany’, in other words, after their initial separation through spiritual ignorance, the 12 apostles are coming together, unifying. In conjunction with our meditative practice, the conscious phase of ‘wilderness’ living has served its purpose of becoming soul fruit bearing. This unifying allows for pure contact with the Mount of Olives, the pineal gland, source of love, peace and happiness. As ego begins losing its generational dominance, a sense of sheer joy and happiness flows. On gaining lower emotional and mental freedom, a surge of bliss, of pineal-nectar permeates our conscious-entirety – as above so below.

The benefit of this healing miracle is further acknowledged in this next and final scripture: Mark 11: 1–14

“The next day, as they were coming back from Bethany, Jesus was hungry. He saw in the distance a fig-tree covered with leaves, so he went over to see if he could find any figs on it. But when he came to it, he found only leaves, because it was not the right time for figs. Jesus said to the fig-tree, ‘no one shall ever eat figs from you again! And his disciples heard him.”

“and his disciples heard him” meaning, the inner mechanisms began awakening spiritually. Often referred to as ‘Jesus curses the fig-tree’. ‘Curses’ is symbolism for command over our thought processes: a positive soul decision based on inner strength or soul conviction. ‘The next day’ signifying a period of spiritual growth. ‘Saw in the distance’ meaning, pure inner perception. Thus, having gained spiritual awakening from the soul-asleep experience – Bethany – the mind now has ability of conscious command over thought and emotion. If something is non-soul serving, we have the power of making conscious choice, take command action. Thus, ‘Jesus was hungry’, meaning, inner You is in need of daily meditation, which practice rids of subconscious, soul-destroying addictive thought patterns.

Due to left /right brain harmonization, we’ve evolved into a higher state of consciousness. Our inner networking’s are spiritually synchronized, functioning morally through ethically developed conscience. On entering and awakening right-side brain, and subsequent pineal gland’s ‘milk and honey’ outpouring, the bigger and vital picture of inner Jerusalem’s awakening is revealed. Cain befriends Abel, soul befriends wilderness, mind befriends Heart, as one unified Promised Land consciousness.

Conclusion summary, the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, on the foal of a donkey, to the encores of multiple praising people, in essence describes the practical process of the human soul transitioning from lower nature into higher joyous nature. By conscious application of learned lessons from our wilderness traversing, the River Jordan has been successfully crossed. Alleluia!