Manx Cat – Pros and Cons of Owning This Interesting Pet

Manx Cat – Pros and Cons of Owning This Interesting Pet

Reasons for and Against Owning a Manx Cat as a Pet

The Manx cat was first seen in the 1700’s and has become quite popular over the years. The most distinctive feature of this breed is that some of them are tailless while some have short tails and others have regular tails. A tailless or short tailed one is a feature that makes it attractive to people looking for something unusual in a pet cat.

While they come in all types of tail configuration the main feature of these cats are the heads which are round with cradle like ears when view from behind. They are a stocky bodied cat with longer legs in back than in the front. Although they look different than most cats the Manx will show many of the same characteristics as most cats along with a few characteristics of dogs.

These are indoor cats that should be spayed or neutered and made sure they have something to scratch on. They like high places, so if you can’t find them look around at you eye level and you will probably find them on a shelf or on the back of a chair.


The Manx cat is highly intelligent and extremely playful. Their behavior is often confused with that of a dog in that they love to fetch things and will follow you all over the house. They are good watch cats and are very protective of their territory and will attack an intruder no matter the size or type. They are very social and like being around humans very much.

A Manx is going to enjoy playing in water. If you let the water to drip in your bathroom or kitchen, you may find your pet playing in your sink. These pets are known to enjoy a bath which is ideal for owners who want to bathe their cats without being scratched up.

Your pet Manx cat will be good at learning commands and therefore are normally easy to train. They are not a complicated and complex animal which makes them ideal for owners who want a companion as well as a pet.

A Manx is usually a quiet cat without a lot of verbalization although they will “trill” to their young or to their humans and will growl when protecting their territory. Even a female cat in heat is rather quiet about it.


A pet Manx is interested in everything and therefore will play at all hours of the day or night. You might be disturbed at any hour which could be a problem for you and your household. If you do not want to be disturbed by your pet, the best option would be to lock your cat out of your bedroom at night.

Manx Syndrome is the main health problem for a Manx and might be a big concern for you. This causes a shortening of the spine and can be extremely painful and damaging to the cat as it causes problems down the road. Buying your pet Manx from a reputable breeder will eliminate most problems such as this. Another thing you might want to do is buy insurance which can help with the expensive bills associated with Manx Syndrome.

Getting a cat that is free from Manx Syndrome will mean that you’ll have a pet that is no more likely to have medical problems than any other type of cat. Due to the high degree of intelligence, the loving nature along with a relatively long life makes a pet Manx a highly desirable acquisition to any family.

Consider all of these options when looking to own a Manx cat. Once you know all there is to know about them, you will be able to decide if this particular type of pet cat is what you want inside your household or as a companion. I think you will agree that they are not only unusual but make good pets.