Moving Home Locally With Your Pet

Moving Home Locally With Your Pet

Moving home can be very traumatic for your pet. Planning a pet friendly move is the best way you can make the moving process as comfortable for your pet as possible.

The level of stress may vary from pet to pet because, just like people, each of their personalities and temperament will be completely unique.

There are many practical ways in which to help your pet feel at ease during a moving process.

1. Pet Friendly Pad

While house hunting, make sure that you find a spot that suits both you and your pet. If it is an apartment block, check with the body corporate on their pet policies.

2. Set Your Dates And Make Your Plans

The first thing you will need to have in place to plan a pet friendly move is a general moving schedule. Once you have a set schedule in place, you will be able to start planning around it to keep your pet comfortable.

3. Chill Pill

Visit your local health shop for a good natural calming remedy. Remember to speak to the shop assistant and let them advise you on what remedy is best used for travelling pets.

You can also speak to your vet if you feel your pet may need something stronger, especially if you know that your pet doesn’t travel well.

4. Wash Your Dog And Brush The Cat

Book your pet for a grooming the week of your move, travelling with an animal is easier when they are clean. Have their nails trimmed so as not to damage your car upholstery. Give longhaired dogs a haircut and good brushing to avoid shedding in the car.

Cats are known to shed more when stressed so make sure you give them a good brush on moving morning before all the action starts.

5. Know The Way

Make sure you have decided which route you are taking and that you have a map on hand if you are unsure of the directions. You want the journey to be as quick and stress free as possible. Remember, even if you become stressed, your pets may be able to pick up on your feelings and become stressed themselves, so make sure you know where you are going and have a map handy in case you get lost.

6. Things You Need When You Need Them

Pack a small box or suitcase with your pets essential. Keep this in the car with you so you can have some essential things handy for your pet on arrival. If possible, have their old familiar beds or even a blanket there for them when they arrive. Pack some favorite toys and treats into the box or suitcase that you are taking in the car with you.

Make sure that you are stocked up on pet food for moving day.

7. A Good Excuse To Spoil Your Princess

Treat your pet real special during this time, even before moving day as it will lift their spirits and put them in an elated state of mind. Take them for walks, make time to play, cuddle, scratch, and of course- treats treats treat!

8. Keeping Watch Over The Watch Dog

It is not uncommon for pets to loose their appetite when under stress. Keep an eye on the amount of their intake and encourage them every now and again to drink water. If their appetite does not improve you should contact your vet, especially if your pet has had a sedative.

On the big day you should try maintain your normal routine as much as possible. Even though this may seem like an impossible feat, there are small things that can be done to keep within a semblance of routine.

  • Feed them at the same time you normally do.
  • Go for a walk at the same time you normally do.
  • Play the same games or talk to them as you normally do.

Before you let your pet off its leash or out of the carrier, make sure all the windows and doors are closed and that everything inside is pet friendly and safe for your companion.

Lay out a few familiar items such as beds, blankets toys and water bowl.

Allow your pet efficient time to get used to the new dwelling and make sure that their I.D tags are updated if they are not chipped.

Keep cats inside for a few days to get used to the fact that they now have a new home. If they get out, they may try finding their way back to their old home. This goes for dogs as well, so be sure to go over your new garden very carefully to make sure your dog wont escape.

Remember to be patient as they may be bewildered or out of sorts during this confusing and unsettling period. Make time to play and give love.

Have fun sharing your new space with your pet!