My Coon Hounds Don’t Need To Use Tracking Systems – This Will Change Your Mind!

My Coon Hounds Don’t Need To Use Tracking Systems – This Will Change Your Mind!

When hunting coon hounds you will regularly find your coon dogs out of hearing distance. Every so often this happens because they are running off-game like a deer. It might even turn out that one coon hound split trees away from the others or hunts in a separate direction altogether. Heck, you might even just plain get turned around and lost and not be able to get back to your truck. Well, this is why using tracking collars and tracking systems when coon hunting is so vital.

First, just think roughly how valuable your coon hound really is. At times, a good quality coon dog is worth 4 figures easy, and 5 figures aren’t unheard of either. Yet if you simply buy a puppy for cheap and raise it and train it yourself you will still without doubt have $1,000 invested in this coon hound puppy in both training, food, and medical supplies. It would be a disgrace to literally be unable to find your coon hound and all your hard work.

If you are a competition coon hunter then you will recognize the value of the next reason. Often times when involved in a competition coon hunt a timeout may be called. When this is done you have one hour to retrieve your coon hound or you will be disqualified from the hunt. There has been many times that I have been in a competition hunt and was able to immediately find my coon dog while one or more of my competitor’s could not and got scratched from the hunt.

One more reason I think tracking collars are important is because you can leave one turned on at the truck and be able to find your way back to the truck if you get lost or turned around. This has come in handy for myself a number of times.

Okay, now how do tracking collars work? Well, I’m no authority but I’ll share with you what knowledge I do have. They work on radio frequencies and each collar has it’s own exclusive channel. The receiver is what you use to dial in the frequencies and pick up the signal. This will produce a ‘beep’ and the volume and the repetition will vary on the distance. The way all of this works will depend on the collar you decide to choose. A number of tracking systems will do all of this automatically or by pushing a button, while others will necessitate you to do it all manually.

As you can envision, the cost of the tracking system will depend on what bells and whistles you decide on. Nevertheless, you would be amazed at how affordable some tracking systems are, especially when you compare it to the value of your coon hounds.