Parrot Capers

Ever thought about how amazing and well-bred parrots are? It is actually known that parrots are quite the most adaptable and well loved bird. For many years they have astound us with their wonderful new capers. This is why we as breeders, tend to teach them these capers for them to act more naturally in a home environment.

It is advisable to start guiding your parrots young for them to learn basic capers instantly. We also need to consider the atmosphere of the place where we guide them and be knowledgeable with these capers. Train in well organized room and well-lit as well. Feel the utmost freedom and peacefulness in your guiding area. Do not exhaust your pets too much make it short and simple as always. Store up also the needed endurance and strength to guide them correctly.

Almost everyone breeding parrots tend to start by guiding them to come forward or “step up”. Indeed, you and your bird will be rewarded with this caper in time. For small birds, you need to hold out your fingers to them for them to in turn hold their feet towards your fingers. As for the larger pet parrots, use your arms and hold it out to them and show them a fruit in front that way, they could understand you want them to go forward. Reward or token system is a good practice in teaching your parrots to do some capers. Speak softly to encourage your parrots more.

If you want your parrots to learn how to “turn around” from their perch, use a fruit or pellet food as an enticement. Hold out your hand and place it gently to their back for them to pursue the food you are giving with their eyes, making them turn completely. Some birds would suddenly turn from their spot and grasp the food you are holding out with their beaks. Other birds require a little more persuasion for them to pursue what you are asking. Be very cautious and patient to gain the results you want. Be mindful that they need a stimulant to react to the things you say, giving them a token of food as a reward would let them understand.

Lastly, if you suffer with the cries if your parrots at night or day, then it is time for them to learn the next caper called speech. Guide them to speak and this is helpful for you to groom them well to be a good pet. They will be in turn, comfortable around people. On way you can start is by, guiding them to say “hello” or goodbye”. Take into account that you must repeat this word several times a day for them to master it. Do give them a token of food once they make some noises or sound that wouldn’t be audible at first or won’t be understandable. This is just as long as they respond to your voice. Allow your family members to also interact with your parrot and get them to speak and let the parrot mimic the word again and again to memorize it.