Pet Insurance Is One of the Best Policies to Have If You Own a Pet

Pet Insurance Is One of the Best Policies to Have If You Own a Pet

You have just adopted a furry little kitten or puppy and they could not be cuter if they tried. You instantly give him or her a name, begin potty training, leash training, and planning a life with your new friend. However, your pet needs regular veterinarian care to make sure they are healthy and stay healthy with the proper vaccinations and medications as needed. Therefore, one of the best investments you can make is to buy pet insurance for your new bundle of fur because it can save you thousands of dollars in veterinarian bills if he or she should need long-term treatments.

In recent years, pet insurance has become more popular than ever because it offers more of the coverage that pet parents look for. For instance, many of the policies now either come standard with preventative care, which includes annual vaccinations, teeth cleaning, and office visits as well as major medical in case your dog or cat become ill for a short time or is diagnosed with a lifelong illness such as diabetes. Moreover, it is cheaper than you might think to have a comprehensive plan for your dog or cat, many times costing as little as $40 per month for everything.

While many people opt out of getting pet insurance, they later wish they had it if their cat or dog becomes ill or has an accident because a veterinarian bill can cost literally thousands of dollars out of your pocket. Today, veterinarians have very high-tech equipment such as x-rays, blood tests, and a whole host of other diagnostic tests that are very expensive, which is why having your pet insured makes the most sense.

If you have been putting off getting coverage because you are not sure it would be worth it, think about this: If you took your pet in for an emergency trip to the veterinarian’s office and it ends up costing $1000, you leave the office feeling depressed over the amount. If you had cheap pet insurance that had a $100 deductible on accidents or incidence and then they paid 80 percent of the bill, you would end up getting a check back from the insurance company for $720 and would have only had to pay $280 of the $1000 bill. That is a huge amount of money to save on veterinarian bills.

Today, you can even customize your pet’s plan with some insurance companies, and most offer the annual pet wellness plan, which is typically $200 to $400 that is exempt from the deductible. This means when you bring your dog or cat in for his or her annual vaccinations, dental cleaning, and office visits, you can use this amount of money toward the costs. The best thing you can do for peace of mind knowing your pet will get the care they need is to invest in a health plan specifically for your pet.