Similarities and Differences Between German Shorthaired Pointer and German Wirehaired Pointer

Similarities and Differences Between German Shorthaired Pointer and German Wirehaired Pointer

These two dogs, the German Shorthaired and Wirehaired pointers while they have a lot of similarities between them, there are also some obvious differences that separate them. Both dogs are easy to train and take commands well, excellent hunting skills for tracking animal scents.

The shorthaired pointers has a medium build with a short coat and are quite muscular for their size as well as being extremely energetic. In comparison the wirehaired pointer has a wiry coat made of dense fur. They are also quite strong and have an active temperament. Both are very loyal companions and quite intelligent dogs.

The interesting thing about the Wirehaired pointer is they are a cross breed of a number of breeds including the German shorthaired pointer. The other breeds are not known exactly but we are lead to believe they were crossed with Poodles and possibly Griffons. Their origins date back over 120 years ago from Germany as rugged hunting dog, which could work in various terrains and environments to track and retrieve wounded game. Their cousin originated in the 1600s descended from the Spanish pointers.

Both dogs enjoy the outdoors and fresh air, using their hunting and tracking skills but prefer to spend time with the people they know. They can be very protective of their family and home. Indoors is OK but both dogs would prefer the freedom of being outside running around and getting some exercise. These dogs do need weekly maintenance with brushing to keep shedding low. Their life expectancy is also similar up to 14 years of age, but some have been known to live longer.

While the wirehaired pointer’s coat is obviously different in texture to their cousin so are their colorings are different. Their coat is partly water resistant. Health and disorders are quite minimal from Von Willebrands type 2 disease, hip dysplacia and heart disease, the shorthaired pointer is susceptible to breathing difficulties due to narrow nose passages, eye and skin disorders, cancerous mouth lesions. But both dogs are prone to fungi and bacteria infections if they are used as hunting dogs and come in contact with game.

Both breeds are great as a family pet and or working dog, giving considerable amounts of affection to their owners. When getting puppies of one of these breeds you will need to determine if they will suit your lifestyle as well as their needs. If you like a medium to large dog that is fairly masculine and energetic, sleek or coarse coat, loves the outdoors and vigorous exercise, great guard dog but sensible and good natured to most people then either of these could be right for you or your family. But if you are not heavily into exercise, and don’t like the high energy, excitement and their general active requirements then maybe they aren’t the right dog for you or the family.