Some Questions on Sugar Glider Sales Done the Right Way

Some Questions on Sugar Glider Sales Done the Right Way

Purchasing a sugar glider is not meant to be a difficult experience, but even so, it can become one for the uninitiated. These little guy’s are exotic pets that are not legal in the whole of the United States (at least not yet), and there are both good and bad reasons for this. However, what this means is that not as many people know how to go about purchasing a sugar glider with the same peace of mind they would if they were trying to adopt a cat or a dog.

Going about glider sales and maintaining your wits is a matter of asking yourself some simple questions as you progress through the process of purchasing a sugar glider:

Who will be making the sugar glider sale? Will it be a licensed USDA glider breeder, or will it simply be a glider enthusiast? Are they legally qualified to sell you one of these little guy’s? Examining your options for breeders to contact is important, and after getting in touch, it is equally important that you talk with them and make sure you get as much information as you can. Always, always, if at all possible, meet with your breeder in person, and actually look over the potential pet yourself. Pictures are not always trustworthy, and if the breeder isn’t willing to let you see the gliders available, you can know there is something wrong.

The second question to ask is where to buy sugar gliders, or where to find the little guy’s? Some breeders may be local, if you are lucky. If you aren’t lucky, where can you go? How far is a reasonable day trip for you, your budget and your schedule? This should be established in advance. If you absolutely positively cannot visit the breeder in person, what are your options relative to proximity? If there are no nearby locations with gliders for sale, can you arrange to meet with a breeder halfway?

The third is to ask how much are gliders? This may vary based on location. Comparison shopping is a necessity! Because these critters are exotic pets, many breeders who are not licensed will try to mark their prices up for people they believe are vulnerable. This is not a good thing and you need to be careful not to get caught up in it!

Knowing where to get sugar gliders, who is selling the gliders and how much you can expect to pay before you find yourself in the middle of adopting one is important. These critters are adorable, and bond easily. Don’t, under any circumstances, get caught in a bad deal out of desperation. There are always other glider breeders, and always other options-don’t feel trapped. Stay informed and make good decisions!