Talk To The Paw by Melinda Metz

Talk To The Paw by Melinda Metz

If you love cats you will love this book. If you love the modern Cinderella stories where the reader sees what the characters don’t and you can’t turn the pages fast enough to find out if they ever get out of their own way and allow nature to take its course– Then you will love this story. If you’re a reader that simply enjoys a fast read, populated with appealing, believable characters Talk To The Paw will appeal to you.

MacGyver is Jamie Snyder’s cat. Well, actually he’s “the man in her life.” She trusts him, confides in him and since swearing off real men as companions, MacGyver is her #1. MacGyver isn’t convinced his human is really finished with men… he can smell her loneliness. Whether Jamie is aware of it or not, MacGyver knows his human needs companionship he cannot provide. Surprisingly MacGyver notices their neighbor, David is emanating the same odor as his Jamie. Could it be they are both lonely and are putting off a scent only the cat recognizes?

MacGyver (the TV character) might have been a top-notch, can do, can make anything out of anything dude. But Macgyver the cat is a loyal, loving, can do-kind-a-cat that resorts to becoming a cat-burglar to help his human. Jamie’s neighbor David recently lost his wife Clarrissa and despite the urging of his friends, simply is not ready to move past his mourning. He has a dog named Diogee that has no clue his human is lonely. MacGyver seems to be the only one, human or pet that recognizes how perfect Jamie and David could be together. All they need is a push. So the cat starts stealing David’s laundry… a sock here, a towel there. Jamie figures out who the odd laundry pieces belong too – but sees David as merely a friend. MacGyver is like “what is wrong with these people?” “Why do humans complicate something that comes so very natural in the animal world?”

Can Jamie and David see past their personal issues and view the big picture right in front of them? Or are they destined to complicate that which should come about so naturally?

MacGyver the cat will quickly win you over. You will be silently cheering for the humans in the story to get as smart as the cat. His loyalty and dedication to Jamie are admirable and positively adorable. Talk To The Paw is a quick read, that keeps you warmly enveloped in the story right up to the very last page.

I loved the story. Being a cat lover, with four of the adorable, aloof, highly intelligent fur babies at home, Talk To The Paw had me wondering if they smell my feelings too. (They sure act like it!)

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