Teach Your Chinchilla Tricks

Teach Your Chinchilla Tricks

Chinchillas are very friendly and easy-to-handle pets. They are very intelligent creatures and can be trained to do many things. They may not be able to perform complex tricks like doing things on command, but you can certainly train your chinchilla to do some cute tricks like giving you a kiss.

The best way to train chinchillas is to give them food treats whenever they perform some tricks. Raisins are a favorite food of chinchilla, but it is not good for them to have more than one raisin a day. Chinchillas have an excellent memory power and can be taught many tricks through repetition. Your chinchilla will learn its name if you use it frequently. You need a lot of patience to train your chinchilla.

Chinchillas are naturally very shy and timid creatures and get frightened very easily. Hence, the first step in training these nervous animals is to create a good rapport with them. When you first bring your chinchilla home, it will be very nervous and shy. It is very important to give the chinchilla some time to adjust with the new environment.

Do not attempt to grab or pick up the chinchilla until it becomes acquainted with you and the new surroundings. Always approach the chinchilla’s cage slowly and talk to it in a soft voice. Initially, you should not try to open its cage and pull it out. Instead, sit near the cage and offer some food treats through the bars of the cage. Once the chinchilla starts accepting food in this way, open the cage and place your hand inside the cage and allow it to climb on you.

You can also train your chinchilla to take food out of your hand. At first, place a favorite food of your chinchilla on your upturned palm and offer it to the chinchilla. It will slowly climb up to your hand to get the treat. When it starts to take food from your palm, place the food on your forearm and allow it to climb up your forearm to get the food.

Once your chinchilla is ready to crawl out onto you, slowly pick it up and place on your lap. You can also stroke the chinchilla all over its body. Most chinchillas like being stroked behind the ears. Chinchillas are nocturnal animals and like to be active during evenings and nights. Hence try to spend more time with your chinchilla in the evening. Chinchillas like to stick to a routine and it is best to train them at the same time everyday.

You should be very careful to not raise your voice while interacting with the chinchilla. If they are scared of something or someone, they will always remember that incident and will try to avoid that person or thing. If your chinchilla is scared of you, it is not possible for you to train it until you regain its trust. They are very sensitive to hearing and so loud voices can make them nervous. When they do something wrong, make some sounds to desist them from doing it.