The Pros And Cons of Lower Floor Living Vs Upper Floor Living

The Pros And Cons of Lower Floor Living Vs Upper Floor Living

No matter which floor you choose to live in, each floor comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages, some more concerning than others. Read on to find out the positives and negatives of living in lower level floors vs living in higher level floors.

Lower Floors

The Benefits:

Convenient While Moving

This is one of the major perks of living in a lower floor. Imagine carrying a heavy couch through a flight of stairs. It gets tiring, right? A lower floor apartment is entirely different and is close to the entrances and exits of the building.

Stays Cool In The Summer

This is a major advantage of living in lower floors. Even during the extremely hot days, these apartments rarely feel the heat and stay cool. Not just that, lower floor inhabitants have the easiest access to the outside garden and other forms of recreation.

The Drawbacks:

Security Concerns

You need to keep this aspect in mind while choosing an apartment. Living in a lower floor can leave your house susceptible to thefts and unexpected intrusions.

Lack Of Privacy

You wouldn’t have the luxury to leave the windows open to take in the bright sunshine on a winter morning. Doing so is a bad idea because, there’s always usually a lot of commotion and noise from the streets that can easily be heard from the lower floors.

Upper Floor

The Benefits:

Ideal for Privacy Seekers

A great benefit of living in upper floor apartments is that it is a lot more secluded and quiet. You won’t have to rush to the peephole every time you hear footsteps passing by your house. Not just that, it also gives you access to interesting views of your surroundings.

Air Conditioners Are Not Required

If you live on a higher floor, you can leave your window open all day and soak in the fresh breeze and sweet air. This will even enable you to save money, electricity, and effort.

The Drawbacks:

Concerns Over Evacuation

No matter how safe a city or country you live in is, there is no guessing when a natural calamity might strike. Living in an upper floor makes it tougher for you to reach safety as soon as you possibly can.

Not Pet Friendly

If you have pets, then it is a bad idea to live on a higher floor. Just one adventurous session on the railings of the balcony would prove disastrous for your pet.

Overall, living in upper floors and lower floors both have their ups and downs. Take your time, do your research and choose the floor that suits you best.