The Search For the Best Puppy Dog Food

The Search For the Best Puppy Dog Food

Like a baby, your puppy also needs to be well-taken care of, especially when he’s growing up. He needs to be nourished with the right types of nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, to ensure that he doesn’t get sick and eventually die. Thus, even before the puppy is born, you have to know the best puppy dog food for him – the good news is it’s no longer difficult as you think.

How to Search for the Right One

You can use the guidelines below to determine the most ideal puppy dog food:

Use the age of your puppy. The age of your puppy will basically tell you how much vitamins or minerals he needs. For instance, your puppy may need more vitamin D than adult dogs. He may also require more calcium since he needs to strengthen his bones.

Know the weight size. The weight of your puppy will also help you judge the best dog food for him. One clear example is protein. It’s important that every dog food will have crude protein. It is the main source of amino acids, which are needed for proper enzyme function. It gives them more muscles and is important for regeneration of new cells, as well as cellular repair.

However, the requirement of protein may be different from one dog to another. Heavier dogs, like adults that weigh up to 33 pounds, would need 25 grams of crude protein daily. The younger ones, especially those who weigh to a maximum of 12 pounds need 56 grams of crude protein daily.

It should be highly recommended by other dog owners. This is where consumer reviews play a significant role. Think of yourself as a doting father and mother. You simply don’t want to leave everything to chance when it comes to your child. You definitely want him to have the best. You can only achieve that when you make a thorough research, including reading reviews.

Hence, before you buy any of the puppy dog food in the market, read some reviews first. Don’t limit your resources to the Internet only. Also read pet magazines and even books. You can also ask suggestions from friends and family members. You can even ask for recommendation from the veterinarian. Then, you can list down the highly recommended ones and get to know more about their content.

The dog food should be approved. Legitimate labels should bear the approval of the Association of American Feed Control Officials. This is the agency responsible for maintaining and creating standards for pet food. Unless it bears their approval, you should never buy the dog food.

Seek those that contain as much vitamins and minerals. You know that your puppy needs a lot. These include vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes, to name a few. It would be best to search for a puppy dog food that provides as many of these items as possible. It saves you the headache. You are also assured that your puppy receives the most essential nutrients needed for proper growth and development.