The Yellow Amazon Parrot

When people refer to the Yellow parrot they are actually talking about any one of three varieties, the Yellow-headed Amazon, the Double Yellow-headed Amazon and the Yellow-naped Amazon. To complicate things a little further there are also a variety of subspecies that should be included in this group, such as the Magna (or Magnum) Yellow-headed Amazon which can be differentiated by the fact the it is more predominantly yellow in color than it’s close cousins and as such attracts a premium in cost as a pet.

The plumage of the Yellow Amazon parrot is strikingly beautiful although slightly different for each different variety. They share a vibrant green body and tail feathers but the differences occur in the placement and location of the yellow colorations. The Yellow-headed Amazon has a yellow head, the Yellow-naped Amazon has a yellow chest and neck rather than the head and the Double Yellow-headed Amazon has both a yellow nape, neck and head.

The Yellow Amazon grows to between 14-17 inches in length which is 35-43cm and so is the largest of the Amazon parrots and this fact shouldn’t be overlooked if you are considering one as a pet, as with most larger species of parrot they can be quite destructive, often needing replacement toys and perches which can quickly add up to quite an expense. They are at their happiest when they have room to fly and move around a lot, so if you consider owning one as a pet you should purchase a large birdcage for them as well as let them out of their cage daily.

These birds originate from the coastal regions of Mexico as well as the northerly parts of Honduras and Guatemala as well as the majority of Belize. Unfortunately due to black market demand in the pet trade as well as a significant reduction in their natural habitat size, these birds are now considered an endangered species. The import, export and trade of the Yellow Amazon is now illegal, although captive birds can owned and sold legally subject regulatory adherence. All of this means that they are quite expensive to buy as a pet and will cost anywhere upwards of $800 to $1500+ depending on sub species, remember I mentioned that the Magna Yellow-headed Amazon fetched a premium due to its rarer colorations so you would expect to pay circa $1200+.

As pets these birds are very entertaining and they are considered one of the most accomplished talkers amongst parrots, using a large vocabulary and pronouncing extremely well, in fact they are probably only bested by the African Grey parrot when it comes to talking accomplishment.