Three Profitable Offshore Opportunities – Banking, Forex, And a Foundation

Three Profitable Offshore Opportunities – Banking, Forex, And a Foundation

The world is changing and it is changing fast. Who would have thought that small Asian economies would be leading the way out of the worst recession in seventy-five years? Who would have thought that a country like Peru would be buying dollars to alter the exchange rate and help prop up the dollar? It is a brand new world where perhaps the best place to set up a banking operation is in New Zealand although an NZOFC cannot be called a bank! Still, a tried and true solution to offshore asset management such as a Panama Private Interest Foundation remains as a profitable and secure offshore solution along with offshore banking, and opening a Forex company.

More and more people are moving their assets, their talents, and themselves out of their nations of origin and into a busy, industrious, and profitable offshore world. The very wealthy have banked in tax advantaged jurisdictions for years. They have taken still take advantage of offshore asset protection and privacy vehicles such as trusts, international corporations, and foundations to shield their wealth from prying eyes and reduce the tax consequence of inheritance. However, it is the surge of expatriates from all over the globe moving and doing business all over the globe that opens the doors to profitable offshore investment opportunities.

Three profitable offshore opportunities are starting a bank, forming an offshore Forex company, and using a Panama Private Interest Foundation as a holder of tangible assets, businesses, and bank accounts. There are many opportunities in today’s fast moving world. We choose these three for their combination of opportunity and security.

Offshore Banking in the 21st Century: an NZOFC

There are many offshore banking jurisdictions. There are also a number of jurisdictions where an individual or corporation can obtain licensing and set up business offering banking services. In choosing a jurisdiction for offering offshore banking services the individual or corporation will want to search out a democratic, politically and economically stable, business friendly country. A nation where English, still the universal language, is spoken is a plus. The nation will need to have at least adequate infrastructure to support the business and ideally will have first rate telecommunications, transportation, and support services.

A nation that offers a first rate offshore banking opportunity and also fits the necessary criteria for a successful offshore operation is New Zealand. This former British Crown Colony is located in the Southwest Pacific to the East of Australia. Its population is mostly descended from British immigrants and is mostly English speaking. The country is well governed with little or no corruption and its educational standards are as good as or better than the USA, Canada, and Great Britain. This is a business friendly country known for its innovative spirit.

Of our three profitable offshore opportunities we put the New Zealand Offshore Financial Company (NZOFC) at the top of the list. This type of company is not governed by New Zealand banking law nor regulated by the Federal Reserve Bank of New Zealand. There are no capital reserve requirements in setting up an NZOFC. The law in New Zealand is quite specific in that an NZOFC cannot be called a bank or intimated to be a bank. However, such a company can take deposits from anywhere in the world outside of New Zealand. It can pay interests, make loans, market investments, manage trusts, and provide virtually all services that a bank might offer. Anyone from any country is free to apply for a license to operate an NZOFC.

A Profitable Foreign Exchange Opportunity

So, the Chinese are trading the Yuan versus the Malaysian Ringgit. The Euro is periodically in free fall as Greece and the other PIIGS reveal more sovereign debt. A flight to quality sends folks out buying Yen, US dollars, and Swiss francs. So, how do you trade foreign exchange in this hectic and uncertain world of international finance? There is certainly money to be made in Forex trading. There is, however, steady money to be made in running a Forex brokerage offshore.

There are a number of jurisdictions still where it is possible to obtain a Forex license. Because of the variable degrees of infrastructure development, business friendliness, and political stability in some offshore jurisdictions it is wise to consult someone with experience to help choose a jurisdiction, obtain licensure, and initiate operations. There are a number good places from which to do business, depending up individual preference. There are also a few disadvantageous jurisdictions to be avoided. Starting out with good advice in this arena is wise.

The point of setting of a Forex company is that the fees and commissions are steady income. While trading can be profitable it can also be a drain on capital. This is the old argument about selling picks and shovels when everyone else is prospecting for gold.

Handling Offshore Opportunity in the Most Advantageous Manner

The third offshore opportunity we mention is the Panama Private Interest Foundation. This is not directly a business opportunity but it can be a “holder” of businesses, bank accounts, and assets such as art work, yachts, airplanes, jewelry, and more. A Panama Private Interest Foundation has no owner. It does have beneficiaries. Such an entity is often used in place of a trust to pass on inheritance with minimal tax consequences. The foundation is set up in such a way and with instructions so that beneficiaries change when the first beneficiary dies. Especially for those with concerns about asset privacy and security this type of foundation will allow for individuals to benefit from assets, businesses, and bank accounts without having their personal names or other details in any public registry.

A common use of a Panama Private Interest Foundation is in an integrated offshore asset protection solution containing offshore businesses, bank accounts, and other assets. Typically the foundation is the lynch pin in this solution as the holder of assets for the use and benefit of designated persons, the beneficiaries.

These three profitable offshore opportunities are available to anyone interested in pursuing them. It only takes an email or phone call to an experienced individual or company to get the ball rolling.