Transmuting Violet Flame

When we meditate, we penetrate through deeper layers of our being and receive the precious knowledge that God manifests in us. God can manifest in us as energy, light and consciousness. Only the meditative pure love from our hearts can develop the atom of the Self, releasing the Divine energy and engaging the constructive force of the Seven Light Rays. This process is typical for the Aquarian age of peace and enlightenment.

The Violet Ray is one of the Seven Light Rays that originate in the Divine white light. The Violet Flame possesses the magnificent quality of breaking down the blanket of human imperfections and restoring the Divine perfection of the Soul and its integrity.

The Aquarian age understands the concept of energy: the perfect polarity of male and female principle, Universal Spirit and matter, Father and Mother – God, Son and Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is a tremendous power – intense love – and His descent results in transmutation into one’s True Self. The Aquarian master Saint Germain initiates us today into the path of Soul liberation by means of the Holy Violet Flame of the Holy Spirit.

The main quality of the Violet Flame is that of freedom, but also the Violet Flame brings the energies of love, grace, compassion and forgiveness. The energy of the Holy Spirit together with the power of the Violet Flame can transform and disintegrate all disrupting energies within our being, for instance, psychological problems, suppressed energies, or unfavorable past records. We no longer need to resort to regression or hypnosis in order to resolve thing from our past – the alchemy of the Violet Flame can assist us in a way most beneficial for everyone.

In the Aquarian age the Violet Flame is not designated only to the few initiates of the schools of mystery. It is now available to all people. The alchemists of the past have wasted entire lives in the attempt to raise the animal into Divine nature – a process that implies bringing the Soul in a state of unity with the Divine.

The Violet Holy Flame penetrates into the slightest corners of one’s mind, and letter by letter, line by line, this intelligent flame can release and resolve the energies of the past transgressions and misuse.

You also should become a being of Violet Fire. This will release the Aquarian energy inside you; bring the creativity of the Holy Spirit, and awake love, consciousness and effortlessness in dealing with other people.