Traveling by Air to Prague With Your Dog

Traveling by Air to Prague With Your Dog

Prague is a place every dog and human would love. And going there is a reason why there is a need to train dogs to travel. Flying from a place to another with your dog at times is necessary. With that being said, dogs should be able to have the ability to conform to motion, travel, and transport.

What happens if you needed to travel by air with your dog to a city like Prague? It won’t be a problem if your dog is used to it. But what if it is the very first time it’s going to do it? You might be encountering difficulties you otherwise did not expect.

There are reasons why dog owners would need to fly with their dogs. One major reason is the need to relocate. If the owner will be transferring homes from one state to another, then it is but normal for them to take their dogs along. But then, if the dog is not in to traveling or has motion sickness, then a lot of things have to be worked out first.

Another reason is vacation. Dogs are part of the family. If the whole gang were going on vacation, kids would not like it if the dogs were left behind. So usually, parents are left with no choice but to bring the dog along. And if they are going to a far vacation destination like Prague, the dog has to be up to it.

One more reason, although it could be rare, is the need for the dog to participate in dog shows and events in different cities. Sometimes, it is even held out of the country. Trained dogs are in demand everywhere. But because they are intelligent in their own right, they could be easily be trained to love flying.

Traveling by air with a dog is not going to be easy. Airlines have set rules with regards to allowing pets in the aircraft. Owners have only two choices. It is either the cabin or the cargo. At times, only small dogs are allowed in the cabin, and they have to be inside a carrier. These carriers have to conform to airline standards too.

Being in the cargo, on the other hand, is a different story. If your dog is too big to fit in an airline carrier, then cargo is the only other option to go. The cargo is an area in the airplane where passengers cannot go. It is a restricted area so owners cannot check on their dogs. Also, it is a big, dark place where the luggage is placed.

But if your budget can afford it, you can, by all means, board an airline that allows dogs of all breeds and sizes into the cabin. They only have a few special requirements like leashes and seat harnesses. This may be a good option but it is not going to be cheap. A one-way trip to Prague could cost thousands of dollars.

It is but a hope that commercial airplanes would allow dogs inside their aircraft in better conditions that what is already being done today. An area specifically made just for dogs and pets where owners could freely enter is ideal.

Although this is yet a dream of dog owners, it may not be too far away from realization. One day, it may happen. It is just a matter of time.