Treasure Hunting Geocaches in Random Trite Events

Treasure Hunting Geocaches in Random Trite Events

Your garbage disposal goes on the blink; the balls your neighbor’s dog plays with keep landing in your backyard; you’re kissed by your aunt and reek of her perfume; a bird crashes into your office window; and someone has dumped a box of erasers on your front lawn.

These randomly occurring trivial incidents intrude upon our lives relentlessly. We can’t escape them. We don’t even pick them. They pick us, then trap us in a web of the commonest, most boring stuff that ever existed.

Most of them are so dull, irksome and obnoxious we consider them a total waste of our time and energy. They interfere with our plans. They irritate and distract us.
They can even plunge us into foul moods.

And yet…many of these common ordinary events that happen to us daily are bristling with jaw-dropping surprises! Looked at in the right way, they can be helpful, supportive, compassionate and even wise.

Treated as geocaches, they could make any day superb!

The word “geocaching” refers to GEO – physical and human landscapes on earth – and to CACHING, the process of hiding and finding treasure in human landscapes.

Since May 3, 2000, when David Ulmer placed the first cache near Portland, Oregon, hundreds of thousands of geocachers have been hunting down more than a million geocaches. These are registered on various websites online, and are placed in over 100 countries around the world on all seven continents.

Normally, using multi-million dollar satellites via a hand-held GPS unit, geocachers look for hidden stashes on remote hiking trails, dense forests and even within urban city centers. The rewards? Ostensibly dollar-store trinkets. However, every geocacher fan knows there’s more. The excitement of the chase, the meeting of difficult challenges, visiting new places, learning new things.

However, there’s a new game in which random daily events are becoming the latest geocacher’s paradise. Similar to a scavenger hunt and because of its broad gamut of personal rewards, this new sport is becoming a wholesome pastime for individuals of all ages, as well as for their families, friends, classes and work teams. It’s all about discovering many trite daily events do contain caches of considerable personal value. Treasure that’s personally relevant treasure. Treasure that’s real treasure, so artfully hidden it takes cleverness and persistence to hunt it down.

With no monetary expense, and using sharp perception instead of a GPS unit, you also, as treasure hunter, can learn to spot trite daily happenings that are geocaches and claim their rewards hiding in plain sight.

The challenge of the game is to encourage your mind to get off its beaten path and shift to experience a new dimension in which these puzzle caches can be identified and opened.

Geocaching with trivial daily events is finding secret treasures hidden within them. And this is done by decrypting the drama the randomly occurring insignificant event is portraying. You decode the gesture of the mini-drama so it speaks to you.

This is a highly enjoyable game that can be played alone or with friends and family through the maze of daily life. It’s a simple, easy way to enjoy your everyday world becoming an exotic new environment, hauntingly compassionate, arty and entertaining.

The game can be played on three levels.

Level 1: You can play this game merely for fun, for mystery, as a new source of entertainment, and for jaw-dropping surprises.

Level 2: You can play this game for moral and emotional support, to improve your moods and your love of life, and for more joy. You can play this game for practical tips for greater success in your job or relationships, for direction and self-guidance.

Level 3: You can even play it to bolster your faith in life, for purpose and meaning, and as a catapult into other dimensions of reality, sacred or exotic.

The method is the same for all three levels. Only your intention is different.

So when you perceive a trite event as a geocache, it becomes a geoCOACH that can even give you personal advice! Or highly personalized information and advice you can’t get in any other way. Or moral and emotional support (imagine!) Or a new avenue of thought regarding a particular problem you might have. Or clues to long-forgotten talents or never-before discovered parts of yourself. Or new spaces and dimensions of experience, some of these numinous and sacred and mystical – others exotic, humorous, helpful and fun. And much, much more.