What Is the Green Foods Bible All About?

What Is the Green Foods Bible All About?

There are green drinks everywhere. We have heard since we were children how important it is to eat our greens. As kids, we often wrinkled our nose or fed the greens to the dog. As we grow into adults, we learn that eating the right kinds of food is vital to our health. The old saying “you are what you eat” rings true with our health and wellness. In order to be healthy, our bodies need the right nutrition. Many of us eat too many processed and fast food that our bodies cannot fight disease and illness. Our bodies are natural from the start, feeding them un-natural foods causes the body to be unable to fight off illness and obesity.

David Sandoval’s Green Foods Bible is packed with information on green super foods our bodies crave. Some green foods are better for our bodies than others are. The Green Foods Bible is your “go to” for all things green and super.

David Sandoval is renowned public speaker who has dedicated the last twenty years researching nutrition and developing products to make it easier for us to care for our bodies by giving them the right nutrition. He developed a “Plant Based Nutrition Program” that is covered in depth in his book. This book is not an advertisement, but rather a nutrition guide for better health.

Though this book, Sandoval gives complete details on the nutrition benefits of feeding your body green, super foods. From leafy greens to kelp, every green edible has particular nutrients that the body needs to be healthy. There are even home preparation instructions for fixing up these greens so they actually taste good.

Illness, cancers and other diseases are on the up rise. Green foods can often re boot the body’s defenses to better fight off illness, including many cancers. The body needs green super foods to defend itself against disease. Without the right tools for defense, illness spreads and often morphs into disease. Western diets are often void of the nutrition provided from green super foods.

“Many of the diseases for which modern medicine has no cure are the result of complex, extremely gradual changes at the cellular level. Those changes are a direct consequence of a lifelong diet made mostly of processed, sugary, fatty foods. An intensive plant-based diet program is the fastest and most effective way to rejuvenate the body at the cellular level and to give it the raw materials it requires to rebuild itself and function most efficiently” (39).

Following the advice of the Green Foods Bible, Sandoval believes we can all be healthier and live longer, more active lives. Providing our bodies with whole food nutrition and knowing where our food comes from is the key to health and wellness.