What to Pack When Travelling With a Dog

What to Pack When Travelling With a Dog

Many people enjoy taking their dogs on vacation with them. Sometimes, taking the family dog along just can’t be helped, like in the case of a long distance move. While it is true that dogs are resilient, they need a few things for long car rides and trips, just like people do.

Perhaps the most important thing to pack for the dog is water and a bowl to put it in. Just about any bowl will do, though collapsible dog bowls are available and are easy to store when space is at a premium. Every time the car stops, offer the dog some water. Allow him to drink his fill. After a walk, offer water again before loading back into the car.

A leash is also vital for walking the dog at every stop. A dog that is obedient off the leash at home is still likely to become nervous when travelling. Many public rest areas offer dog walk areas that face busy interstates. This can be terrifying to a dog, so it is important to leash the dog before taking it out of the car every time. This will stop the dog from running away, even if it becomes frightened.

Dog food is also important and should be offered along with water during stops. Many dogs may not feel like eating during a trip. Do not worry, as it is a natural dog response. Keep some treats on hand to offer occasionally to get the dog through the drive. Chances are good that she’ll want to eat once the trip is over and the family is settled somewhere for the night.

Take the dog’s favorite bed or pillow and toys along on the trip. The pillow will come in handy in the car to give the dog a comfortable spot and help protect the car’s upholstery. Bones and chew toys will help the dog stay occupied in the car. But also take along toys like balls and be sure to play with the dog once the destination is reached. This will help the dog stretch, and the humans too, and will also help her to feel more relaxed.

When travelling long distances with old dogs, small dogs, or puppies that are still housebreaking, take some potty pads along. If the vehicle is large and the dog has room to move around in the floor, puppy training pads can help avoid accidents- especially with young puppy training. Dogs will frequently be too nervous to pee or eliminate during rest stops and then end up having accidents inside the house later when they just can’t hold it anymore. Putting down a few potty pads will help avoid messy accidents. This is especially important when staying in a hotel with pets.

Dogs love to travel with their humans. It is important to plan and pack carefully to ensure that the family dog will also have everything she needs to be taken care of comfortable both during long car rides and on the rest of the trip. Food, water, bedding, toys, and potty pads are easily packed and will help keep the dog healthy and happy to be on the road.