When to Use Drontal Allwormer

When to Use Drontal Allwormer

Worming your dogs is highly important and failure to do so can result in a range of problems. Worms are parasites that live in your dog’s stomach and as they do they tend to grow and consume the food that the dog eats. First and foremost this can prevent the dogs from being able to absorb the crucial nutrients that they need in order to be healthy and well. This in turn results in the dog’s suffering so that their skin looks dried out and flaky, and so that they are more likely to become ill. If your dog is not acting themselves then it is very possible they might be suffering with worms.

Likewise though worms are also very unhealthy for people and living with a dog with worms can be unhealthy. This is because your dog will excrete worms in its faeces and that will mean that you can end up accidentally getting the worms on your hands if you fall over in the garden etc. If you have worms on your hands and you touch your face this can then unintentionally transfer the worms to your stomach and that can cause you to suffer with the same problems. You hear horror stories of worse things happening because of worms though too. For instance if you accidentally touch your eyes when you have worms on your fingers, then you can end up transferring the worms to your eye balls. This then can result in the worms actually eating the tissue in your eyes and you can lose vision that way.

You might think that your dog doesn’t need worming – that they seem healthy and that there was no opportunity for them to get worms. This is a mistake however and there are many ways that dogs can get worms without your being aware of it. The main risk is foxes and other dogs – if your dog rolls in or sniffs their manure then they can end up transferring the problem. Even if your dogs don’t go out much they can still get worms from other faeces such as those from foxes and cats that come into your garden.

Drontal Allwormer is a product that you can feed your dogs that will kill off worms that may be residing in them. This is a simple tablet and by eating them your dogs can kill off any worms regardless of the type.

However the way you use Drontal Allwormer and how regularly will depend both on your dogs and on the types of worms. For instance if your treating for whipworms then you should give your dog Drontal every six to eight weeks, but not until your dog is over 3 months old. If you are treating for tape worms then every three months will be fine – though if it is a hydatid tapeworm area then you should use it more frequently such as every six weeks. For hookworms and roundworms puppies should be treated at 2, 4, 8 and twelve weeks old and thereafter every three months.